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  • 25 Eylül 2014, Perşembe 11:29

What should be in your child's Lunch Bag ?

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Acibadem Adana Hospital Nutrition and Diet Expert Ozgokce Fadime Senses , \"a quality breakfast, with primary importance for the remainder of the day .

Adana news: However, in school hours between meals instead of snacks also important to choose healthy foods . That's why kids lunchbox properly prepared, \"he said.
School age children during the day how the food fed to check that it is very important that said Fadime Ozgokce Senses , especially elementary school age children's physical and mental development for all meals in the correct way to eat noting that . Senses , school-age children are away from home at the time the they eat things under control, should be reported.
\"adequate and balanced in nutrition support children , many of them with chronic disease to maintain and lead a healthy life in order to take the first step means \"the Senses , has continued his speech:\"in all ages , especially breakfast the most important meal of the day . Therefore, in children during school breakfast should not be skipped . To improve physical and mental performance , this meal is also very important ; cheese, milk, eggs and tomatoes as the food source of quality protein , fresh vegetables , such as cucumbers not necessarily required. There is a strong need bread for breakfast . Jam, honey and molasses foods like the controls in a way that the menu should be added , \"he says . Breakfast on the children instead of tea fruit tea if possible, freshly squeezed juice important to prepare . Too early school children As for milk mixed into cereal convenience can provide. \"
quality as good as a breakfast snack is very important in the daily diet , indicating that the MWT . Ozgokce Senses , to ensure that they are prepared for their children lunchbox has underlined the need to pay attention to . Snack foods have healthy lunchbox for children as well as providing a better quality of nutrition , healthy diet also contributes them to their own self awareness . Are taken from the canteen between inhalation instead of junk food to healthy food for children lunchbox indicating that the routing is very important MWT . Ozgokce Senses At this point, the children of primary school teachers in the routing would be useful to bring food from home is remarkable. Dietician Ozgokce Senses , a healthy lunchbox should be in were listed as follows:
\"Fresh fruit , daily vitamins, minerals meet the needs helps . Dried fruits ( dried apricots , raisins , figs ) and daily energy needs to meet as well as blood-forming feature provides benefit . however, high-calorie because they controlled consumed is important. hazelnuts , almonds, walnuts foods such as Omega is rich in mineral deposits that foods also have high energy that brings feature . freshly squeezed fruit juices or pure fruit juices and fruit juice fresh fruits tightening important, but as an alternative to pure fruit juices may also be preferred . fruit juices , energy , vitamin and mineral needs are met helps . milk or buttermilk , particularly protein and calcium content due to the children's growth contributes to . home-made pastries and cakes are homemade cheese or spinach pie or dried fruit , walnut, hazelnut-enriched thin cake slices to cover a portion of daily energy needs help . Tuna, feta cheese or cheddar cheese into the prepared and tomatoes, sweet peppers, lettuce, cucumber sandwiches again added both calcium and protein as well as vitamin and mineral needs to meet . In particular, when whole wheat or whole wheat bread preferred a feeling of fullness longer continue. Especially children can consume water when they need it immediately and get in the habit of drinking water has to be taken in strong lunchbox .

What should be in your child's Lunch Bag ?" comments for.


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