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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 09 Şubat 2014, Pazar 14:48

Turkish cinema's 100th Year

Turkish cinema's 100th Year
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Zübeyde hilltop Municipality Cultural Centre, Turkish cinema's 100th Years has hosted events.

Eskişehir news:  Zübeyde hilltop Municipality Cultural Centre, Turkish cinema's 100th Years has hosted events. Atilla Dorsay
serving Turkish cinema, Arif Keskin and Bronze Basaran, moderated by Prof. Dr.. In an interview in NaCl Güçhan met. Cinema overwrite the many books known for and finally Emek Cinema collapse in the event of the attitude with the eye-catching film critic, author, journalist, architects Atilla Dorsay, cinema, time and place to reproduce art, he said. Dorsay,"Remembering the feeling is based on. Architecture in the art of cinema that affect the arts is one of the. Secondary contribution to literature should be,"he said.
Dorsay, critics of the cinema in the service ought to be, and the audience going to the movies Encouraging stressed the need.
'Caretaker king , 'I'm tall cypress al yazmalým' and 'mine' is known for films producer Arif Keskin, however, contributed to the movies that other branches of art, the director's films reflect the accumulated knowledge acquired through observation, he said. Keskiner,"Atif Yilmaz, no concerts, art shows miss, and takes vocabulary would put,"he said.
'Kite vurmasınlar' and 'Piano Piano legless films like director known as the Bronze Basaran, one subject from the novel to the cinema Referring to the issue was to be transferred. Basaran,"a director, a novel while making the film, through her situation gets off the film he builds upon"he said.
Interview after the Tashkent Mayor Ahmet Atac, speakers thanking flowers was presented. Dorsay and sharp, then read their books for signed.
Activities, Yilmaz Guney, Lutfi Akad, Zeki Ökten, text Erksan, Yavuz Turgul, Nuri Bilge Ceylan and Atif Yilmaz, veteran director of films screenings as well as free with the audience were introduced.

Turkish cinema's 100th Year" comments for.


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