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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 20 Aralık 2013, Cuma 08:16

Turkey, Google, Censorship Demands Most Countries

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Who demand the most from Google, Turkey is the country where censorship was announced.

Who demand the most from Google, Turkey is the country where censorship was announced.
, Google announced this week that the 2013 E ransparency Report, which states how many of them want to be deleted announced that the political content.
BBC Turkish According to the report, Google's January 2013 'skin until June 2013 from around the world in total 3486 content request deletion receives this request, almost half came from Turkey said.
According to the report, in the first six months of the authorities in Turkey from Google 1,673 content deletion requested. That the previous six months, compared to 10 times an increase of around pointed to was emphasized.
Turkey's content request deletion of the nearly two-thirds on the internet expression censored 5651 Internet law claim of breach of the structures were noted.
Contained in this report removed, and removing the content details about some of the following:
"A political officials and sex scandals search results to remove the a court decision have received. Results kaldırmadık.
a government institution Kurdish parties and the Kurdish activists about the blog page and Kurdistan map of profile picture makes a Google+ page to remove the two received requests. none kaldırmadık.
a prosecutor's job quality criticizing insulted alleged in a blog post entails the lifting of third parties to a court have decided. Blog kaldırmadık.
many government officials phone numbers, personal e-mail, bank account information, such as details have blog post for the removal of third-party for three courts have decided. products violate our policies, because this article is for the majority of the pages.
from government agencies about education critical content containing 17 videos from YouTube and 109 blog posts for the removal of 37 received requests. their policy in violation of our 10 videos we have removed".
According to the report, in 2013 the first six months from Google in most content request deletion countries which are as follows:
"Turkey (12 thousand in 1673 to 162 agents demand)
U.S. (3,887 requests for Article 545)
Brazil (in 1635 the demand for item 321)
Russia (277 257 requests for materials)
India (714 163 requests for materials)".

Turkey, Google, Censorship Demands Most Countries" comments for.


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