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  • 14 Ocak 2014, Salı 02:04

Turkcell with Digital Academy 'World's Information' Turkish

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Turkcell as strategic development center since 2006, both in-house training as well as industry-university cooperation with Turkcell Academy dijitalleşerek resounding, 'the world's information' opens access of millions.

İstanbul news: The world's leading educational organizations and business associations leading to the Turkcell Academy training giant their content Türkçeleştirerek offers.
Turkcel General Manager Mr. Ciliv's press conference to introduce the movie Turkcell Digital Academy, time and place independent of the world's most up to date training videos and modules, free and offers entirely in Turkish. At a press conference, Turkcell CEO Mr. Ciliv,"that four years ago with 3G high speed internet into our lives, along with a big dream we have voiced :IR Humans with this technology information anytime from anywhere to reach, access to information the full equality of opportunity will be provided. Today Turkcell this dream of achieving a novelty, the more our people carrying the happiness we live. this journey most of us motivated, in access to information more equality of opportunity is able to offer us. humans more information transport path, stone tablets of the digital tablets reached. manuscripts and printing it in the path past pauses. longer new printing internet. Internet infinity information anytime from anywhere possible to achieve. internet deals equalizer has a size. We infrastructure of our country have invested heavily made. longer our people to reach information advantage. This project in realizing our people asked :"N an actual training do you imagine, which content do you need?"Then on that information from 2006 until today we have put forth a terrific knowledge of digitalization majors. that was not enough, the world's leading from educational institutions working with in this area at the top level content professionals in Turkey and young people according to the needs and completely in Turkish have developed. longer Turkcell Turkcell's superior network infrastructure, thanks to the world's knowledge 7 days, 24 hours, from wherever they will have access. improve himself wanting different areas, many in education who want to reach our young people, our professionals of the world's prestigious educational institutions, the best professors of the leading thinkers of the training and advice you will get. Professionals, employees personal development offers companies that want to, teenagers, students ... It's the door to education primarily 35 million Turkcell to be open to everyone. Turkcell Digital Academy's our people by creating value for Turkcell's the difference emphasize once again that we firmly believe,"he said.
Turkcell Digital Academy, the training content excellence in order to achieve in this field world-renowned educational institutions and Went to cooperate with the portal. The world's most important universities in the field of technology is accepted at MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) in cooperation with the context, 'innovation' content is created by MIT to the main title. In addition to the university's educational platforms and EDX Open Courseware content published on the Digital Academy through the platform of Turkish Turkcell was agreed on to be published. At present, 'innovation' category at MIT training videos with Turkish and Turkcell Digital Academy portal presented began.
Mr. Ciliv Subsequent to the MIT Digital Learning Platform Director and Professor of Mechanical Engineering Sanjay Sarma received. Sarma, access to information for all mankind noting the importance said :"B g the time and space a unique here we are. Almost every day a student or a colleague, 'I have an idea,"he comes, sometimes these ideas like two weeks in a short time the incorporation and become reality. than 10 years ago, though 'Think before you finish school' I would say, now 'here's an entrepreneur's phone' I say. new ideas with an 'sparks can compare the technology very quickly due to the advancement 'fire the conversion only for a very short time are. Now this part of the process to become strong at MIT not need to be of the world, wherever you are, you also that short time to assess the' particle Collider be included in the can."
Wrapping technology with the development of the individual too become more powerful, noting that Turkcell and MIT's his cooperation with justifications about"Entrepreneurship Through innovation is supported and new ideas to the field is opened. Turkcell these opportunities can see a dynamic understanding of leadership there. This is very valuable to us. Business of unity second reason Turkcell's a communications company, ie people with each other and the information attributes to be. Finally, Turkey is a dynamic economy, and we dynamism something we want to learn. many civilizations was born in this land why today 're generating innovation? coming here, we are excited to hear from Turkcell. Digital education in the field of long-term Turkcell launched many projects I firmly believe we will,"he said.

Turkcell with Digital Academy 'World's Information' Turkish" comments for.


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