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  • 26 Mayıs 2014, Pazartesi 11:08

Turkcell Academy'Practice of Excellence'Award

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Turkcell Academy awards in two separate categories by ASTD found .

İstanbul news: Award in Washington ceremony held Turkcell Academy was delivered .
ASTD ( American Society for Training \u0026 Development-American Training and Development Association), Turkcell's corporate university Turkcell Academy in two separate categories'practice of Excellence'award found worthy .
This year 142 companies from all over the world compete for first place in the organization's first award Turkcell'organizational Learning and Development'category came . Turkcell Global Bilgi serving within the call center customer representatives are designed for and the program from the first day the call premium experience , the content is entirely the customer's perspective designed with alternative educational channel and metering methods that make a difference Pre-Service Development'program'Practice of Excellence'award found . Turkcell sales processes most effectively implement and administrators more effective coaching to ensure the intended'Sales Training for'application in the'Sales Enablement/Sales to be possible'category'Practice of Excellence'award illustration of an honorable mention award . Award in Washington ceremony held Turkcell Academy was delivered .
Turkcell Academy Department Banu Workers Sezen, ASTD as a respected institution awarded by the proud , said:\"Technology and communication leadership alongside our development of our employees and the process order to sustain large we care . ecosystem in our each of our employees focus of business in line with our and work life development are focusing on . Training and personal development, we have given this importance that our performance is increasingly riding a great contribution to believe that . in Turkey with a corporate culture are known. culture of our locomotive in 2006 we have established Turkcell Academy during this process a complete success story has become. Initially only for our employees corporate university was founded as the Academy digitizing awesome our knowledge 35 million Turkcell subscribers to our stakeholders and corporate customers were hungry . in our country to be a first bearing Turkcell Academy , thanks to the professionals , young people and anyone eager to learn , training all of the time and place , regardless of the possibility of easily accessible from anywhere at any time we provide . Our innovative applications signed by the whole world if we see has become . But we believe that there is much work to be done and giving hearts continue to work , \"he said .

Turkcell Academy'Practice of Excellence'Award" comments for.


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