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  • 06 Kasım 2014, Perşembe 10:57

Transportation Issues in Hakkari

Transportation Issues in Hakkari
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Hakkari more passengers than the number of seats overlays of urban public transport service vehicles caused the reaction.

Hakkari news: Photo Hakkari Harvesters, Madrasah, Tekser , Hyacinth and Keklikpın the line in the running of public transport service drivers , carry more passengers than seats . Passenger service vehicle journey as a journalist for a while , he said quite surprised by the sights. Indicating that service means that there are two separate entry and exit doors , including front and rear journalists , even the seats from that testified that more passengers received and services located passengers breathe until you reach the center of the market , he said difficulty .
With daily service tools the remaining residents of the neighborhood to come to go , the car that put more passengers than seats , and they say that it happened every day. Neighborhood residents, \"We ride to the armfuls believe. Some services will keep the car in the corner of the passenger's seat is not hanger clinging doing journey. Sometimes the car braking falls while passengers are on top . The views in this manner is repeated every day. The experienced them in a small province like Hakkari is a shame that the relevant institutions \"they said. Photo Hakkari Police Department Commissioner Mayor Adil Demir , said they warned drivers to take more passengers. Iron, \"then we will apply criminal proceedings according to the Law of Misdemeanors Failure to follow the rules. I get car drivers more passengers were warned to comply with transport regulations. They reported if not scrupulously observed to apply the criminal proceedings . Here citizens in our warning , and difficult for themselves as well as car drivers to forsake the case , please let them stop vehicles are full , \"he said . Photo Hakkari driver and Vehicle in Armstrong Chamber President Abdi, specifying how the passengers to members of the service drive that they have the necessary training about to be treated and rules in a stepwise manner , he said that the continuation of this training.

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