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  • 11 Ocak 2013, Cuma 09:41

Top 7 Tips

Top 7 Tips
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These small changes in your care will make your skin and hair combine to make 2012 the year of your beauty.

The beauty of your skin, hair and eye kamaştıracaksınız parmaklığıyla

in 2012. For the beauty care to change to achieve this completely, or do not need to buy tons of new care product. Enough to meet the new year with these simple seven-step.

1 EM Daily skin care, make sure to contain three basic substance. or higher sun protection factor of 30, a broad spectrum sunscreen, antioxidant serum or lotion, cream or gel retinol wrinkle reduction."Antioxidants and sunscreen, protect your skin during the day,"says dermatologist Linda K. Franks and adds:"At night, use retinol and collagen in the skin to produce new cells can be activated and your skin will look younger."

2 EM Clean your skin every evening. , are not sleeping until late last night, including Saturdays and weekdays stressful. Dirt all day long on your skin, clogging your pores to go to bed make-up residues and dead cells, acne bacteria and"that big, ugly, red hills,"can lead to the development, says Adam Friedman, director of dermatologic research.

3 EM Skin hygiene care. If you realize that pimples on the face side of the phone holding a mobile phone headset or use the skin to make sure that dirt, oil-free wet handkerchief days taşımadığınızdan a time to clear your phone. In addition, careful not to touch your skin when eating fatty foods."Cause of pimples, not as meals oils, fats fingers can be moved,"says dermatologist Jody Levine.

4 EM choose suitable products for skin and hair. Beauty and hair care companies, different types of skin and hair products are specially formulated to offer. Take advantage of this opportunity. Removes blemishes acne lotion best friend, may not work if you have a skin dries quickly. In the same way, normal or thick hair, flattens the contents, such as thin hair stuck to the show. Make it easier to style the right hair products, but also inserts protects your hair against damage such as breakage or fading of the color, the researcher says Jeni Thomas Pantene hair and scalp health.

5 EM indulge in curls. nodes to open a wide-toothed comb your hair wet and use. Scan your hair too often, the legend overnight, 100 strokes, and the ends of your hair breakage can lead to breakage. If you're ponytail, use seamless clasp and buckle when you open quickly loosen recalls.

6 Do not use hot styling aids. Hair straightener, curling iron and hair dryer, use low heat."Some high settings can be over the degree of heating of the water,"says Thomas,"it's necessary to give your hair style can be much hotter."Always use heat-protective spray and if it looks like burnt hair, use the shampoo and cream Try types of humidifiers.


When painting your hair ruin it. boyuyorsanız your hair, shampoo and hair cream, hair undergone chemical processing, select the ones designed specifically for health gain. In particular bleaching process can damage the hair, so I have made this process, each touch-up paint when you drive all of the hair, rather than focus on the bottoms. Paints their hair at home, I go at the hairdresser, the best natural color of your hair to stay koyusunda deficit or a few tons. Boyadıysanız your hair, be careful about chemical hair strengthening operations. Instead, the natural texture of your hair haircut appropriate to try and use products softness to curls of resorting to chemical applications.

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