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  • 29 Eylül 2014, Pazartesi 12:26

The heart needs to prepare for winter

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Heart Medical Park Antalya Hospital Director, Head of the Department of Cardiovascular Surgery, Prof.

Antalya news: Hussein Okudan during the winter months at body temperature falls , angina , called chest pain can trigger heart attacks and simplify noted that when pulled .
Winter months before the cardiac patients during this period to prepare themselves appropriately stating that Prof. Hussein Okudan, \"First of all, the patient's heart failure Do you have about this failure treatment organized? Pharmaceutical adequate dosage and at the appropriate time have you been using ? Their revision is necessary. Coronary heart disease, coronary angiography , made balloon/stenting or bypass surgery patients who had the routine checks by having their daily lives during this period adjustments according to need , \"he said .
COLD can trigger
cold weather in body temperature falls , angina chest pain known can trigger heart attacks and simplify could make remarkable Prof. Dr. . Who teach , said:
\"This situation of air pollution and smoking or nonsmoking environment have if we add the situation even more risky it becomes . During the winter months of coronary heart disease for those other risks fever like the flu are viral infections . Heart attack patients undergoing approximately one-third in the pre-crisis passed an influenza infections are detected . this exact cause is not known , influenza infection during the coronary arteries in the pre-existing plaque called kirçlen and contraction in the a fire to occur , it also trigger a heart attack have been reported. these viral infections as a result of the immune system weakened , pneumonia , sinusitis, otitis media added as other infections and heart patient's condition more risky are becoming . \"
heart disease and influenza vaccine
heart patients , especially an obstacle or the flu Stating that recommends vaccination Prof. Okuda , said:\"The flu vaccine is new not occur , so known influenza viruses are developed and influenza infections can prevent know . Therefore in cardiac patients of influenza vaccine made ​​recommend . Particular patients with chronic bronchitis or COPD called chronic lung disease if you have these vaccines may be life saving . \"
heart patients primarily the use of salt in the diet that tells of clarifying Heart Medical Park Antalya Hospital and Cardiovascular Surgery Department Director Prof. Dr. Hussein Okudan, said:
\"In our country daily salt needs 7 times more is used. Much salt in the body of water retention causes and heart failure increases. Our recommendation to foods'cucumber, tomato inclusive'salt pouring leave , spice use allow shape. Yet heart patients blood cholesterol, fat levels , taking into account that suits them choosing a diet is recommended . Nutrition problem , not enough fruit, vegetables can consume , non-smoking , chronic alcohol abuse patients without a specific vitamin deficiency or vitamin use are not required to . however, the lack of detection of vitamins and minerals , if any, physicians , referring to the completion of the immune system is important for . Winter pre-cardiac patients vitamin D levels cies measured hazard is useful. vitamin D deficiency weakens the immune system is . Likewise iron measuring levels of these patients is important for . iron level is low people can not work well in the immune system and increases the likelihood of getting influenza . Winter in preparation for probiotic effects due yogurt, buttermilk , lime , sage and enough water consumption is recommended. \"
heart patients in cold weather outdoors hiking or the most important danger waiting for them while sporting colds, colds and flu when I read Prof. stating that , \"These patients are not particularly cold weather, it is important to protect themselves and their patients . However, this should not be perceived as egzerzi leave . However, in enclosed spaces , calm, sheltered places to walk and exercise are important. To exercise because the weather was cold , can cause weight gain , \"he said .

The heart needs to prepare for winter" comments for.


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