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  • 18 Mayıs 2014, Pazar 14:33

Test Anxiety in Students

Test Anxiety in Students
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Psychologist Dr .

Trabzon news: Psychologist Dr . Masood Yalcin Beautiful, \"the students before the exam and during the exam worrying is natural . This is a little concerned allows students more aware and careful ,\"he said .
DR . Well, in these days of exams to approximate solutions by making the students gave information about the warning . Students of the biggest concerns that test anxiety is natural that it also paid attention . Fine , said:\"Before the exam in the learned knowledge during the exam effectively preclude the use of that success and the fall led to intense concern'test anxiety'call. Students'exams before and during the exam at a certain rate worrying is natural . This is a little concerned student more alert and cautious allows . however, have learned that , what they know enough to forget an uncontrolled anxiety a person's actual performance to show and the success of negative effects. anxiety fully own our thoughts in our brains in learning we create . anxiety, source unknown fear. Generally people concern ; future pessimism , failure, anxiety, hopelessness, feelings with is expressed. disconcerting students , mental, emotional , behavioral and physical symptoms show . mental symptoms,'What if I fail , unless I win , exam love I like'unrealistic failure thoughts,'Failed','You my score not enough','I can not do'in the form of continuous self-criticism and self-confidence, lack of experience , his thoughts organized inability and lack of attention , inability to concentrate , the concept of being unable to remember the mind ejaculation problems like can be defined as . \"
sort Emotional symptoms DR . Fine , \"Emotional symptoms feeling of panic , general irritability and anger , constant crying, extreme frustration , feeling of astonishment and depressive mood appears as . Behavioral symptoms, unwillingness to work , failure, needs and desires edit insomnia, forgetfulness, control external causes install and exam avoidance, exams consternation , carelessness as possible to summarize . physical symptoms, headaches, stomach and intestinal problems , heart palpitations, hand tremors, sweating, convulsions, tired and sluggish feeling, sleep problems with the triggers and impulse control problems occur . Examination results on the negative thoughts, beliefs and expectations of the students had with their own thoughts in the brain unrealistic negative conversation will be saved. \"
DR . Fine , test anxiety persons who expressed their thoughts , to said:\"Examination unless I win for me, everything ends. This exam if I'm not everyone would be embarrassed . Want points I do not get people , my family about me What will they think ? Work am I supposed there are many issues on how I have raised ? my family has sacrificed so much for me , do I have to win . Examination well in my notes . But there are better than me , I'll never where I want to win . \"
DR . Well, these types of ideas will take the exam all in the mind of thoughts and said the words , said:\"Vocational exams, information is measured information is a test . Definitely a personality test is not . Life or death battle is not . Scientific terms, the events we look at the extreme unless worrying the learning motivates it must be remembered . important thing our shortcomings and resolve them find the way and anxiety prevents us to grow up is to not allow . their own with our negative internal conversations, unrealistic thoughts our mind affects . \"
anxiously can you handle it ?
information on how to deal with test anxiety Dr. Well, he continued:\"Test Anxiety with how to deal consideration to the recommendations when it comes to the examinations 3-5 days before your brain imagine cleared the district tv-computer-like mobile phone from any electronic device stops the imagination of your exam questions , which you want to place focus on you . Efficient lessons study techniques to learn and apply .
working regularly again from step . Five-minute four repeat information 80 percent of the permanent make . Destination Place ( daily-weekly-monthly). every've learned the subject in your imagination affect you an emotional memories upload your memories thinking about the subject better Recalls can . Examination up to your time correctly please plan . surely these plans comply with disruptive yourself if criminal please . brain's resting fatigue to correct the need for note. brain to sleep best that rest is the means . Nutrition Take care of your . easy to digest liquid and vegetables to eat. brain's need for sugar dry black ensure genuine honey-palm and grapes . Never use painted drinks . Exercise regularly-open woodland green space coast in-water sound-walk. \"

DR . Lovely, about mental preparation also said:\"Examination for the negative thoughts come to your mind when you can turn them positive . Even flock to mind , repeat, can write down your negative thoughts , you can write against these positive thoughts . The human brain self-made real accepts suggestions and intentions are programmed accordingly . Ramadan fasting is the best example of it not to open to faith . Please appreciate the small achievements and developments . Identify your weaknesses and to improve these aspects that you trust and ask for help from trusted . Test your pace gradually slow down as you approach your work . Never a day before the exam course work increases your anxiety . You are there to visit the grave of the moral personality , to pray the Divine then if you're stuck on the reason you consent to whatever results it is the most auspicious think about you reduce your anxiety . On examination negative conversation with your friends , you will increase your anxiety as you talk . You have won the exam before you talk to anyone the advice of their way to success . Breathing exercises:Proper breathing relaxes the body , provide relaxation . Oxygen with inhaled taken to go to the extreme end of the body and reduces stress . Do not breathe properly and exercise helps reduce anxiety . Physically Relaxation:Your attention of your body at certain points , giving in that area of your senses-the tension of Beholding that area allowed to relax verir.başı starting from your shoulders, arms, abdomen and buttocks, legs and feet in order to focus and relaxation allow the body helps to relax .
Yourself and answer the questions in the exam easily without installing any questions that you imagine that scroll . While solving the question , whether studying or distraction from the very bored moments that felt like giving a brief interruption ; yourself on the edge of a lake , walking in an orchard or in a view of nature you will feel good about yourself imagine . Very friendly a time when , remembering to laugh çalışın.gül concern to reduce . \"
DR . Lovely, families need to do on these warnings found in:\"Family child care and talent by field evaluation and his thoughts and feelings giving importance to negativity, not to focus on , trial test results by looking at the negative approach , study and program ,'Come on, many have rested , tried already. This study will not win until'there is no such warning is necessary . Families, especially children with other comparisons to the exam success in life the only criterion not be seen as preparing for exams, during the spent material consideration reminder should not be . \"
Of parents of children in the social life making opportunities that tells Fine , finished by saying:\"The families should be an example , should support it must provide suitable working environment and nutrition conditions . Anxiety is contagious. Often parents are more anxious than children . Intense anxiety of parents to children through sometimes . Must be careful . Instead of transferring their negative thoughts and feelings will be more beneficial for children to support them . Mom-Dad pinpoint targets at the very top of their children and the children are may insist on it . In this case, the children can not accomplish what is expected of them and are able to be more concerned and frightened . Is important here is the child's capacity to accept, to his condition in proper working order and to set goals . This child's study and comprehension skills will contribute positively to the request . To avoid injuries to the child's personality is more important than exam results at every opportunity, it is necessary to be certain . \"

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