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  • 10 Kasım 2014, Pazartesi 17:26

Tension Yüksekove

Tension Yüksekove
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Hakkari Yüksekova district two days ago a large number of armored police vehicles on the claim that the citizens swore to bring together officials demanded an apology in the center of the marketplace, distribution after the incident emerged.

Hakkari news: Photo Hakkari DBP managers on the Yüksekova district of the alleged blasphemy of armored vehicles belonging to the police two days ago and NGO representatives, Yüksekova Governor Ibrahim paradise and the District had a meeting with Police Department officials . After the meeting , hundreds of citizens to demand an apology officials met on Cengiz Topel Street in the center of the market . Slogans of the crowd from time to time , the authorities wanted to come and personally expressed an apology. Photo DBP managers, trying to calm down the angry mob , the police took extensive security measures in the street pharmacies . Dbp'l officials and citizens, Amir Mahmoud Baloğlu Security Bureau said they expect the audience megaphone made ​​from disbelief for a competent oral apology, suggested making a speech to the audience and apology . Dbp'li upon acceptance to speak to the audience of police chiefs , police chiefs against possible attacks reported mass to the situation by taking measures to prevent .
'< Strong> our organization approval is NOT AN EVENT NOT Photo Then the mass found that the Security Bureau came to the area Amir Mahmoud Baloğlu, \"Dear Yüksekova people. he referred to the Subject governorates level. will make Dear Governor explain to you about the incident on its website, already is doing . Governor we called who you and at the highest level representative , was there needed to talk. this is an individual is an event . this already is not a case where the approval teşkilatımızın . However, your relation to the representative , was spoken in the district with your leaders told them . I was told your situation . What do you think we we explain to them. Governorate level will be announced through this already then you. Governor at a later time in the hope to come here I hope our people can visit here . is that clear ? we ask you for it, these trash the crowd , everyone returned to power its business . I sakinleştirel environment. We thank you all , \"he said .
EVENTS OUTCOMES Photo After the crowd completely disperse face off in a group of demonstrators , fireworks and he started to walk back into the hotel in Oslo with petrol bombs in their hands. Pharmacies Street'After waiting for the police intervened with their stones and rubber bullets to fireworks thrown at protesters and tear gas . the remaining citizens and among students of events difficult moments. the trades because of the events continues tension in the district where I had to download the shutters .

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