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  • 28 Ekim 2014, Salı 12:16

\"Tella \"to laugh

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The famous actor Ayhan stone, which is about a month in the ongoing slap shots \"Tella \"said it would be a delightful comedy of the movie .

Tokat news: The famous actor Ayhan stone, which is about a month in Tokat shooting ongoing \"Tella \"said it would be a delightful comedy of the movie . Photo Tokat \"Tella \"is film footage Ayhan blocks from famous players found for Vine phenomena between Eyup Nature Konakoğl of young players who participated in the University Student Council organizing the interview program. June 26 Atatürk Cultural Ayhan Stone of college students showed great interest in the program at the Palace of Nature Konakoğl laugh with answers to the questions. Ayhan Tas, although not strictly the name of comedy shooting continued shooting in Tokat \"Tella \"stating that , \"The town comedy film, wants to make the AVM buying shops one by one. Neighborhood attitudes which he counterparties with each other in the face of this new attitude, attitudes include friendships neighborhood friendships in it. a delightful comedy will be fun , \"he said .
after the film's determination of that will be filmed in Tokat a famous actress who stated that Murat Cemcir support Stone, the 2015 film that he would be released in March . Said they learned that pulled in Tokat due to be famous for its baths and bath attendants of Nature Konakoğl of the movie . Photo Directed by Muharrem Gülmez his construction of Size Movie agency undertaken by Murat Tokat \"Tella \"in the movie famous actress Erdem Yener, Ilker Aksum, Ayhan Stone, Nature Konakoğl , the Valley of the Wolves'famous names such as Omar is known as the father Emin Olcay veteran players .

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