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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 13 Kasım 2014, Perşembe 14:45

Spoke the future of Architects Diyarbakir Structure

Spoke the future of Architects Diyarbakir Structure
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Within the framework of the World Town Planning Day was held at the Faculty of Architecture conference room conference for the urbanism and architecture of Diyarbakır .

Diyarbakır news:
the organizations participated in Diyarbakır Metropolitan Municipality Housing and Urban Development Office of the President Murat Alok financing speaker. Instructor Aysel Yilmaz'Cities dreaming'is starting conference vice-dean of the reading of the poem, faculty and was followed by many students .
Referring to the importance of architecture Alok man , that he is graduated from Dicle University , Dicle University quality and is a very important stage of university education in science , doing successful business education received , and that he serve 25 years in Diyarbakir . Students bearing Aloka in suggestions love their profession, said that constantly need to develop themselves .
Diyarbakir talking about plansal restructuring Alok man , Diyarbakır is used as a settlement since ancient times , because of its intersection in terms of water resources and transportation of people at the same point he said he lived . All people living in Diyarbakır over the years that offer works that reflect their own culture but said the overall structure of that disturbing .
UNESCO of the candidate , the date ramparts and Hevsel Gardens, 2015 will be taken to the World Heritage List expression would be given in June Alok man who , in some difficulties experienced in the history of Diyarbakir Sur and Hevsel Gardens, said that even though we have today. Alok man , \"with the help of the scientific field from Dicle University , we come to the end of UNESCO work we began in 2012 to enter the World Heritage List. Of that decision is made will be taken to the list in June 2015. In order to increase awareness worldwide to enter this list is very important. The University at this point its responsibilities continues in and brought to fulfillment . to enter the world Heritage List and after all civil society organizations , public institutions and in particular has a huge responsibility and academics. we need everyone's support , \"he said .
Diyarbakir's stage of urbanization plans and programs in the visual materials Alok financing transferred to the audience , accompanied by urbanization buildings on the mistakes made , and experienced the difficulties highlighted the need to be done . Alok man , \"you're getting help on any issue as a municipality from Dicle University , are they grateful , we offer our thanks ,\"he said . The general structure of a Photo Diyarbakir and will do the conversion in Sur ended after the conference questions and answers spoken about the changes .

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