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  • 18 Ocak 2014, Cumartesi 02:26

(Special Report)"Cootie Saying They released"Claim

(Special Report)
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The 6-year-old girl and her mother in Konya lice hair be excavated in the hospital and was discharged the next day they claimed.

Konya news:  The 6-year-old girl and her mother in Konya lice hair be excavated in the hospital and was discharged the next day they claimed. Hospital administrators announced that the allegations were not true.
According to information received, one year before going to market a car that was hit by six-year-old HK's leg was broken. At that time the little girl was taken to hospital with leg in plaster taken, and has undergone surgery. Despite the lapse of one year to pass the little girl's leg was healing. Uzunpostalc Wish Upon this mother of six, she was taken to a hospital but the two different financial situation does not allow for the treatment could make. Later that first surgery Necmettin Erbakan taken to University Meram Medical Faculty Hospital and treated by the little girl's hospitalization began. Wishes mother and daughter in the 14th day of treatment was determined to be ending. Get a private room mother, agreed with her daughter but to disinfect hospital officials said hair should be cut. Mother, daughter's hair for the continuation of health and treatment discontinuation agreed. Allegedly, the hospital hair cut mother and daughter one day after he was discharged.
Treatment completion was discharged claiming his mother Uzunpostalc, the hair be excavated due to the daughter's psychology is disrupted and that since the day itself not talk to anyone, he added. H. K. hugs his mother crying so sorry, so also go to the doctors did not want.
" our hair cut OUTPUT gave and "
said about what happened mothers wish Uzunpostalc, the"one year ago my sister, with her brother to the grocery store had gone to my daughter from behind went and been in an accident in the hospital. leg in plaster taken other treatments we can not do it saying they sent. Bender special took him to hospital, but our money was not enough, whereupon Meram Medical Faculty took him to. 14-15 days there we went to bed, the treatment was healed said home, we brought. Once or twice in the leg inflammation was. most recent New Year's Day inspected were hospitalized to the statement said. 14 days or, the second time I went into surgery, there was nothing. 15th day treatment was told that my daughter's head lice comes out your hair cut we said. Enough Nearby, my child get better estimation of the said. my hair the cut. next day, the outlet said. doctor also seclude they claimed"was found.
18 years were married and when we were married three months explaining that her husband attacked her with a knife Wish Uzunpostalc, the second wife have 6 children after forced to leave because of violence voiced. Uzunpostalc,"the first husband of 38 stab wounds eaten. Scars are still there. 3 months I was married. Then my uncle came and saved me. More wounds healing treatment, while the courts have set out. Court liberated in my husband my father also stabbed. And then I'm divorced. Then my aunt's husband my uncle's niece got married. Meanwhile stabbed my father had cancer and died. second wife of 14 years heroes took a 6 children had. Enough, my mom's house to arrive I thought I'd back home but booze and boys started to bring. Houses rent, electricity, water, money, pay, many times I stayed away, the paper've collected. my kids in the spiritual with the support of his second wife divorced my,"he said.
280 pounds and get along
second wife after leaving her mother's house to take refuge in what you want, but children considered due to Not suggesting that Uzunpostalc,"the five units have an uncle, was having none came out. Benin mom with my kids on the street left. Right the left with the help of half a loaf if I can find I'm eating, I do not find the kids hungry, I'm hungry. A father's left of my 280 pounds salary make enough to survive. coals my, what to eat , 280 lirayla I'm trying to get inside. 200 pounds giving house rent,"he told what happened.
undergoing hard times, a mother of six, gave two sons home, the other is trying to educate their children, but high school 2 need to go to class because of the impossibility daughter is 3 months said he could not send them to school.
mother's claims about UAV in a statement to reporters on the phone Meram Medical Faculty Hospital Chief Professor. Dr.. Hamdi Arbağ, after necessary treatment is the patient's battalion, he said. Chief Medical Arbağ,"Children 5 persons in a room inpatient treatment, while other patients on a complaint dermatology through control head lice determined that. Infestation identified as a sick child, his mother and his brother's treatment made. Patient and his mother a one bedroom on the ground taken. Hospital barber Also cut his hair. Bit cypress he discharged be concerned not. 14-day treatment and then discharged transactions have occurred,"he said.
patient is caught osteoarthritis treatment is difficult, perhaps a lifetime can take a record Arbağ,"the patient's illness on the whole intervention was made, no missing do not have,"he said.

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