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  • 28 Eylül 2014, Pazar 12:20

( Special Report ) Uncontrolled Diet Cause Infertility

( Special Report ) Uncontrolled Diet Cause Infertility
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Diyarbakir Veni Vidi Hospital IVF Center Staff Specialist Obstetrics and IVF Medical Acupuncturist Assoc.

Diyarbakır news: Dr. Hakan is Çoksü , uncontrolled diet that lead to infertility warned .
Obesity is one of the most important health issues of our time , indicating that Dr. Hakan Çoksü , irregular diet programs cause infertility stating that, in developing countries, adults about 65 percent and obesity , as well as excess weight caused health problems to combat forced , he said. Therefore, the development of many different diet method is Çoksü attention , especially in popular diet removed from the diet of many food groups and very low calorie diets is being implemented ; Some of the benefits of this method is seen , the failure of a part that was passed . Yoyo effect because of the weight undo the danger faced that the emphasis Çoksü the \"low-calorie nutrition for infertility a major risk factor. Especially men low-calorie fed when they have sex in their ability to decrease sperm mobility the decrease that direction , there are studies , testosterone in men , women estrogen hormone level decrease , while in men by 25 percent weight loss due to sperm count and quality decrease seen, \"he said.
\" obesity to fight its own metabolism accordance with the NUTRITION IN NEED \"
Çoksü is , developed in the fight against obesity with metabolic balance individualized treatment programs created by stating that , in this context a personalized nutrition program created completely voiced . Çoksü , \"This is why , metabolism ideal way to work , aiming not a diet , metabolism program, the metabolic balance name in recent years, often pronounced started. Germany , Dr. Wolf Eckhart Funfuck found by and developed this program in nearly 30 countries , 4 years close for a while in our country widely implemented. metabolic balance , only to lose weight and not gain weight or metabolism to compensate is also applicable . this way the person , body needs all the healthy foods to consume is provided and lose weight rapidly under control are taken. , as we know our body's balance of hormones is provided by . these hormones produced by the body can no problem. But weight problems that hormonal production sufficiently happens. Healthy way to lose weight body's hormone balance for ensuring the pass , \"he said.
NEVER should not be compromised 8 hOME rULE
Metabolic balance of this hormone balance , especially the body's insulin levels to normalize a system that seeks explaining that Çoksü , it's a balance to ensure , never uncompromising we have 8 main rule is emphasized . A balanced metabolism, in order to achieve compliance with these rules and their nutritional foundation of our rules as necessary to see that expressed , Çoksü the 8 main rule, the following is said:
\"Every day, three meals should be eaten . Between meals at least 5-hour period must be . the meal more than 60 minutes should not take . dinner with protein should start , ie the first bite definitely protein should be. every meal just a type of protein should be eaten and a meal eaten in the protein at another meal eaten should . Recent meals latest at 21.00 should be finished . every day necessarily a apple should be eaten . amount of water our bodies need necessarily be drunk . \"
is Çoksü , for a healthy life , a balanced diet and regular physical activity recommendations found in the .

( Special Report ) Uncontrolled Diet Cause Infertility" comments for.


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