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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 27 Eylül 2014, Cumartesi 15:36

( Special Report ) Kiss of Life pianist who lost fingers

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While studying at the music department at the University of Nigde during the summer break in 2012 to work hand in manufacturing electronic curtain caught in spring was 22 years old Emre CanDogan , lost three fingers in an accident .

Antalya news: Only the skin held with fingers together by friends Nigde to the hospital emergency room brought to the Order CanDogan was here first as an intervention fingers were planted.
Accident three fingers lost on the same day in the same hospital , plastic , Rekonsrüktif and Aesthetic Surgery Op Atilla be operated by Basil Emre asked the first question \"What do you do ?\"It was . Op Atilla Basil , the musicians that play the piano and learned that Emre 6 hours after surgery health folded .
surgery followed by 4 months of physical therapy treatments applied Emre Candoğan , 2 years later, the video sharing site with social networking Atilla thanked basil . Atilla Basil sees the patient while playing the piano , Emre has continued to support calling . Emre Candoğan today came to the doctor's clinic in Antalya offered a live piano recital . Now his hands as before , to use the earlier many cases slow music preferences while today only his right hand , even notes the growing Emre, recital at the end of his teacher \"era ,\"he finale did.
Emre three fingers when it comes to the hospital is imminent , saying that with the skin attached to the body Op.Dr. Atilla Basil , three-finger veins cut the beams and said . About 6 hours during an operation Emre's fingers planted , that three fingers profession also need to be functional for the great efforts that said Basil , \"the nearly four months of physical therapy began the process . Emre fingers just wanted to use but I'm forcing the case of new the operation because of the hand might be harmed told and do not rush that I wanted . Emre obeyed. Occasionally a long time has passed . , I Antalya, came one morning and the social networking site when I open an image labeled saw that . image when I open hands broken inbound Emre piano at the beginning of their fingers when using the saw worlds beyond me , \"he said .
\" ATİLLA hocama gRATEFUL \"
about 8 years piano lesson area , Nigde University Department of Music 2nd grade class during the summer a curtain at the manufacturing factory Emre is said to be working Candoğan \"And as I was trying to read . during the summer I got a job in a curtain factory . Ply Shuttering electronic scissors when cutting I lost my hand . If the job situation when I realized it was too late , I saw that my fingers cut off . My friends took me to the hospital immediately . There I was operated on by Atilla teacher . I do not even want to think of those days . Piano and music because I was the only breadwinners . In this way the school was going too tired . After that I acted according to the advice of my teacher did not rush. Normally within 2 years I started using my fingers . Bruises on my hands , cold, numbness yok.çalark need to feel at the same time , to concentrate on my hands I got to thinking . Opened a new era in my life, I am grateful to Professor Atilla \"he said.
Lyrics after taking on Atilla basil gave a mini concert .

( Special Report ) Kiss of Life pianist who lost fingers" comments for.


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