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  • 18 Ocak 2014, Cumartesi 01:38

(Special Report) Input to the age of 5 in Kayseri quadruplets

(Special Report) Input to the age of 5 in Kayseri quadruplets
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Zeynep Ozer in Kayseri Khalil and they have a pair of quadruplets 16 years later, entered the age of 5.

Kayseri news:  Kayseri Khalil and Zeynep Ozer pair after 16 years they have quadruplets, five years to the entry.
Khalil and Zeynep Ozer pair 16 years later brought to the world they Leylanur, Bugle, I Zeynep and Ismail Sami, now 5 years old entries.
Father Khalil Ozer,"to enlarge, of course, very difficult, with great difficulty we have grown. these had arrived, their health is very good. 4 They finished 5 day start taking things,"he spoke, his mother Zübeyde Ozer,"Rabb'i my miracles they are. After 16 years with great difficulty were born. Now he grew up. bit of mischief there, of course. Hallelujah fine. challenges are great, young sub Clear the food was giving, we were in the. Now requests differentiation and different characters have been lodged.'re having difficulty,"he said.
Zeynep Leylanur, Bugle and Samir Ismail, celebrated with birthday cake which they cut.

(Special Report) Input to the age of 5 in Kayseri quadruplets" comments for.


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