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SON Dakika

  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 03 Ocak 2014, Cuma 10:14

(Special Report) in the capital of the Networks of Conscience

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Karabük, 13 years old and married women who suffered violence from her husband, settled in Ankara, two children were thrown into the street.

Karabük, 13 years old married and her husband who had been abused women, settled in Ankara, the second with the child was thrown.
Karabuk living in the FS, allegedly, spousal violence for 2 children also taking with him arrived in Ankara. Č.SA daughter's disability pension, the surviving spouse taken away for free by the unfortunate woman did not want to give anybody home. Taken before the FSA issued for failing to pay the rent of the house in the morning, held by the landlord of the house but still remain even before the first day was removed.
partner violence by 2 because the children also taking with him leaving home FS, wife, himself and his children a benefit and that the streets at that, therefore, arrived in Ankara said.
Ankara, before her aunt's FS son, who wanted to keep a house, his wife and himself in laying out the streets at 9 years old girl with disabilities Č.SA 's disability pension, said that the money confiscated. 13 years old, married, adding that the CS for 14 years, is married recording said:
"with my kids came here. Herein will go next place yet. Partner if a tire was working on. Takes the money gambling was taking. Us it was no use, did not look. Earlier at another house I was staying, but the lease did not give me because I threw them out. Today, this house kept. Here also they give out. Where to go, what to do? kids from my leave. Repatriation to now my life would they want but my children also do not give. Municipality today coal gave the wood gave . evening, the stove will bring said. Everywhere I go, quit, they say, feel nervous. One of my child off report there. 2 together can not resist,"he said.
morning held a 2 bedroom, unfurnished, and only 2 runners where squatters from home , FS thrown by the host, can not pay the rent she allegedly was put in front of the door. 2 children, the middle remaining 27-year-old FS, daughter Č.SA 's hearing and mental tension report that disabled his money, his wife received stated that the two children left, unable to work, he added.
Reporter landlord' on the street going to stay kids 'question of orientation on the host,"You gave me the house. So far, Where have they keep them there. lock the door get the key,"he replied.
Anybody Association official Turan Karslı the Mamak Municipality Vice President's situation and advised them, saying , that came to help and household goods, food and clothing, said they would help found in.

(Special Report) in the capital of the Networks of Conscience" comments for.


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