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  • 14 Ocak 2014, Salı 10:23

(Special Report) 140th Annual Kavala Area Cars Gift

(Special Report) 140th Annual Kavala Area Cars Gift
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Old ladies hairdresser in Antalya Ali Akkaya, from their ancestral custom made strawberry tree shepherd's flute bought the 140-year said it will gift a car.

Antalya news: Old ladies hairdresser in Antalya Ali Akkaya, from their ancestral custom made strawberry tree shepherd's flute bought the 140-year said it will gift a car.
in Aksu district, 31-year-old Ali Akkaya engaged in hairdressing, things go bad because of the shortness of the material fell. Akkaya uncollectible receivables, as a last resort ancestral tree of 140 years of manual labor made with strawberries dumb shepherd's flute was decided to remove the sale. Kavala 85 thousand pounds Akkaya appraiser, the person who buys 8 thousand 500 pounds worth of cars to give as a gift. 70 inches long from strawberry tree is carved geometric symbols touches on the tibia is remarkable. 8 holes with a tibia special scabbard, sheath, except knit a jacket's.
Aksu living in the town hairdresser Ali Akkaya, dumb tibia themselves from their predecessors said he was . 90 years in the family is reminiscent of the tibia Akkaya, has a history of nearly 140 years was the emphasis. Museum officials caval a cultural asset that and overseas sales ban noted that Akkaya, but in the country can be assessed and reported.
in Turkey such a valuable cultural assets know the value the worry them voicing Akkaya, said :"Evil flour can say. yourself, why have not you come. Needs have it, this Kavalla we want to evaluate. currency with something we like to do. culture Us indifferent we did. If this caval Although a branch of a foreign artist's touch is definitely worth the 40 thousand-100 thousand euros would begin. us our Turkishness, symbolizing our Türkmenliği not see much interest in the shin. This makes us sad."
70 inches and 8-hole flute strawberries made from trees, indicating that Akkaya, said continued :"K gawk outside the scabbard cane, knitting wool is. Kavala type is dumb. Embroidery has. various parts of fine craftsmanship that various geometric shapes are made. Nearly 140 years of history tibia us in our hearts the value is priceless. Needs to have had 85 thousand pounds put a price I. Both areas take this only as money, not as a date saklasın. us a return you get. 8 thousand 500 pounds car our Besides promotion as we give."PROMOTIONAL CAR

a campaign to increase interest in Kavala decided to make striking Akkaya, said:"1994 model our car, our Kavala field patriotic, culture lovers, this could really worth the tibia is a tarihsev our friend, our promotion will be our next shin."STEAL tricky

everyone for being dumb tibia play can not be expressed Akkaya, he continued :"A ow, multilingual serial production tibia released. mute flute a nice breath and a nice tricky because, plays very few people stayed. Kavala As the owner, I do not play . Volunteers are committed to. culture for many years as we tried to protect our existence. us look like the area are convinced that our friend's eye. Hopefully, this 140-year protection tibia nice firm continues to handle more years."NO LONGER MADE
10 years since 73-year-old shepherd piping while Kurt Nebi very little remains of this kind handmade flute, said:"Strawberry carefully carved from the tree. Now you thousands of pounds and in this way one can and can not work to make a flute. playback requires a separate ability. Actually, being an appraiser would be wrong,"he said.

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