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  • 11 Eylül 2013, Çarşamba 09:56

Sell ​​your old phone and delete your personal data

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Information and Communication Technologies Authority (ICTA), a significant warned those who want to change the mobile phone.


warned,"Wipe your personal data before selling or giving your old phone. phone if you want to sell, remember that you can personal data on your smartphone. privacy, to protect or delete the data completely reset your phone to factory settings. Otherwise, except for consent to the data can be accessed on your smartphone The use of your personal data may be considered as undesirable."the statement said.

BTK'dan statement, the first phone to set a PIN or password is emphasized. In case the phone is lost or stolen phone to prevent unauthorized use of the phone should be put into the lock were expressed. E-mail, banking, personal sites as well as sites that are recommended to use a different password for each statement,"do not make changes to the security settings are recommended. Changing the settings of your phone's factory settings and the operating system (jailbreak, rooting) operations such as smartphone cyber-attacks While more sensitive to the operator, and undermines the security features offered by your smartphone. sağlayın.Telefonunuzda security and data that you have stored up your smartphone with all the data (contacts items, documents, pictures), it is recommended to back up. question the data on your personal computer to an external storage device or stored in the cloud environment. thus lost, stolen, cases may be able to easily restore the data from your phone, otherwise the loss of data, theft or deleted faces risks. install applications from trusted sources only. Before downloading an app, make sure that the application of legal and reliable to do your research. intelligent applications that can be your call, your operating system is strongly recommended to obtain the official application environment."statements took place.


smart phone enables remote access to delete the statement expressed the need for security applications from loading, which is used widely in smartphones a security feature, 'even if the phone's GPS is turned off, gain remote access to all the data stored on the phone, and provide the opportunity to delete the data is' reminded. In a statement, if the phone is lost in some applications, a loud alarm even if the phone is quiet, able to actively said. Facilitated such features to be found in the case of loss of the phone is emphasized. Smart phone software updates need to remember to make a statement recorded, enabling automatic updates, stressed the need to keep the phone's operating system up to date. In a statement, the operating system up to date, keeping reminded reduced risk of exposure to cyber threats.

be very careful when connecting to an open Wi-Fi networks recommended the following statements is the statement:"E OTHER If you are using a public Wi-Fi network, your phone is easy to be the target of cyber criminals. Especially accessing personal or sensitive information, to reduce the likelihood of exposure to risk, and instead open to the public can rely on the network of an operator restricted the use of safe use Wi-Fi or wireless mobile connectivity. delete your personal data before selling or giving your old phone. want to sell your phone If your smartphone Keep in mind that your personal data. To protect your privacy, data wipe or reset the phone to factory settings. Otherwise, except for consent to the data can be accessed on your smartphone such as the use of your personal data may be considered undesirable."Erase All Content and Settings' item means the same time, the reset process, the applications on your phone, messages, call history, music, photos, and note that also encompasses the deletion of content. stolen smart phone know. If your phone is stolen or lost, contact your line to close the business."

Sell ​​your old phone and delete your personal data" comments for.


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