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  • 12 Ekim 2013, Cumartesi 02:15

Runway Report:Hitchcock of Women's Hairstyles

Runway Report:Hitchcock of Women's Hairstyles
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Designers took inspiration from Hitchcock films, the hero and the femme fatale women, women who have become the focal point of the season. Hitchcock's that time of women's hair styles.

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2013 autumn-winter season, the famous director Alfred Hitchcock's films women, who lead the fashion scene moved. Icy beauty and unique styles of fashion designers to draw inspiration from these women doyamadıkları Janet Leigh, Tippi Hedren, Grace Kelly and Kim Novak There are players just as impressive. This season, Tomas Maier, Jonathan Saunders, Nina Ricci, Marco Zanini, Micuccia Prada and Frida Giannini, inspired by Hitchcock women hanımcık lady, mature and feminine creations created. Designs that feature a view of the hourglass pencil skirts, bodice dresses, blouse, cardigan and slim belts drew attention to the binaries.


women hair styles and makeup styles, as well as the impact on us. This sophisticated women's dignity and vamp postures increases their attractiveness. And dignified, and found that it is difficult to looking vamp do you think? Do not judge a Hitchcock movie watching.

women hair styles of the legendary Hitchcock

implementing the first steps you can take to keep pace with the spirit of the season. Prepared for you to browse through the tips you need to do.



see movies with a sigh, do not be reluctant to implement hairstyle look. Right spurts models the desired reach. First, the use of shampoo and conditioner for your type of hair you have to be careful. Maintains the moisture balance of hair cream to apply every wash your hair, making it look healthy and beautiful.


Electric bigudilerinizi Prepare

Hitchcock electric curlers Get help women to achieve a natural waves. Before your hair, preventing frizz and waves to delineate a shampoo wash. Remember, glittering waves, a requirement for a healthy appearance. During a half-hour wait for your hair is wrapped bigudilerle. Then scan and spray brush.


Blonde bomb return

Hitchcock vamp women become more yellow hair, big screen. The director's obsession with blonde women say that they are related. Until the yellow color of the honey tones of ash women of all shades of hair have seen Hitchcock. You paint a radical decision about your hair blonde? Experience difficulty in maintaining this color. For this, we recommend that you use masks to treat hair located on the property.


Feminenleşin knob

wrap your hair volume bigudilerle Provide win. After waiting for the waves to create a retro-looking scan. Provide swelling by squeezing the bottom of the hair spray. Then do a ponytail. If you want to have a volume knob orient your hair after looking at the queue While around a sponge.


Do not give up Krepek

Hitchcock main reason women's hair appear lush and healthy hair done plenty of the crepe. Make sure to start from the roots and in small amounts while Backcomb. Krepeyle toothed comb your hair often arouse serious. If you brush your hair softer kabarıklığa backward scanning will have the crepe.

Author: Seda Yilmaz living in Istanbul fashion editor, writer, and blogger is. has served as the editor of ELLE fashion news Turkey, between the Marie Claire EM and WGSN trend analysis portal contributed to various publications, including fashion and beauty. Living in the city is worth a visit with small shops, a book co-author of the book exceptional in Istanbul. Writings often The Style Glossy Turkey 'are also included.

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