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  • 13 Kasım 2014, Perşembe 18:10

Recording:\"Salihli, the region's Shining Star to Be!\"

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Salihli Mayor Zeki register , noting the importance of Salihli , \"Natural gas has arrived Organized Industrial Zone , Thermal Greenhouse Area and health opened to tourism with leaded Valley Salihli will be Aegean shining star ,\"he said .

Manisa news: Photo Salihli Mayor Zeki Registration , 2015-2019 Year of investment and development planning involving the district introduced the Strategic Plan. Salihli Municipality held a press conference about the plans approved by the Assembly of the recording, \"Salihli will be the place it deserves. Our objective can be self-sufficient , not dependent on other states, is to bring a contemporary urban level that vision ,\"he said . Mayor stating that they manage SALİHLİ with common sense and common power Intelligent Recording said they were trying to accomplish many goals. Recording, \"Citizens of our problem is our problem . We will find a solution with the problem. It is nobody should be in any doubt . The rose of our citizens from the municipality faced've created White Table a meet . In addition, after 3 days of the week by organizing public day , our people, we listen to their problems. Because our citizens we're here to serve , \"he said .
\" GREATER SUPPORT iMPORTANT \"Head Photo recording , Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality also talked about the importance of explanation . Registration at the press conference gave the following statement:\"Municipality in collaboration with the Chairman Cengiz Ergün, we spend many projects implemented in Salihli. Firstly, Philadelphia and Gediz stop date on Tea-pass bridge by destroying , we are doing instead of new ones. In addition, the garage and four-way intersection projects were approved in the Metropolitan Council , Chairman Cengiz Ergün was given full support. making project procurement related junction in April 2015, work will begin . Because Salihli waiting for this project wistfully. have come gas Organized Industrial Zone, Thermal Greenhouse Area and health tourism Salihli opened Aegean Region Lead Valley will be the shining star \"

Recording:\"Salihli, the region's Shining Star to Be!\"" comments for.


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