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SON Dakika

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  • 31 Ekim 2014, Cuma 12:29

Produced by Yalçın Sen array of lizards:

Produced by Yalçın Sen array of lizards:
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Producer of the published Lizards series A private television channel Yalcin Sen, Religious you that the first episode that cause by reaction misunderstanding , said non-imam'lizard', nicknamed person , would reflect a character-turned-good from the bad .

İstanbul news: Producer of the published Lizards series A private television channel Yalcin Sen, Religious you that the first episode that cause by reaction misunderstanding , said non-imam'lizard', nicknamed person , would reflect a character-turned-good from the bad . Sen, in this transformation of the lizard characters play a big role , he said that the imam outfit . Photo Sen, \"showing response and sensitivity to understand , we want the same sensitivities to know we're carrying . The directory section 1 of this reaction in people who watch the we see that more . But our characters from the good and the right way will be through imams clothing we will need a little more patience and understanding \"he said. Photo Project Sen underlines that there is a conversion story , \"in Focus you a little Looper , and a little bit of Robin Hood esque thief, the sympathetic and kindhearted but experienced major trauma from childhood , we have a character nicknamed orphans lizard have . for years, Istanbul , running away from the Lizards again for a follow-up can not be captured by the police and witnesses to her for it to get rid of tracking very easy, at that precise moment the road in a house fire on the wail of a child and family stranded . or will recover fled to escape to , or children from the cops. he children prefer to await her recovery and recovers but also the police and arrested , \"he said .
'imam lizards occur much discussed. How do you tell the imam occur in a series of guilty ?'question to Sen, \"actually has remained a murder he did not commit on the further start days interrogation and prison afterwards. a life faces a prison sentence and is located in an attempted suicide . The initiation of treatment in the hospital and in the process taking an imam's outfit who are being treated with the same room escapes from the imam in the guise of a hospital. of course it dropped to all safety still advance but this time there is also this time after the guards is the first time a person who escaped from the prison where the guards. Lizard is all escape from this threat and start playing the fake imam role to recognition and mosque imams is not a neighborhood road drops. Here the real adventure starts here. Lizard is now Ziya she mosque fake imam of the Imam . lizards need a fake imam of the process itself and leaving deep scars on the lives those in both sides and will cry at times at times laugh while . also sail a true love for the first time , and the neighborhood's rich beautiful family will fall in love like a nice girl who Zehra'ya evidence \"was the answer . the alleged wave with Photo Imam passed the answer Sen, \"Array is \"Lizard\"with relevant and some remarks even made ​​to understand that the watch or the full monitoring section 1 of guess directory we were very surprised . \"Lizard\"is a character who does not believe in God and religion, on the contrary , as an imam , and this information is not very clear in the first part of the scene there . Therefore, only a history of where they live and \"Lizard\"connects y . So \"Lizards \"is out of character susceptibility Muhal do is contrary-I mind. \"Lizard\"is not an imam or a religious person . The contrary is a criminal trying to capture Istanbul Police Department for many years. In fact, \"Lizards \"project is a conversion project is and God-believers and religious teachings that are contrary to the character of the prison escape to need in the journey towards wearing stolen imam clothes that outfit moral weight and learn compulsorily religion by having to play the role of both the imam and to have to live , learn , and the transformation you apply it , and now believing and practicing religious teachings and in the process of becoming a character in the story cleansed of bad habits. So if the correct phrase describes a character Lizards turned from bad to good . This dress has a big role to play in that transformation imam . In fact, everything that comes to our ears in a while like approaches. \"Sir fake imam though he still wore the gown and wearing a turban because of you comes true imam and even insult our religion. \"Here I have no answer to give to this approach believe in this era . I think one should be fair for this project. This project is a project that will deliver the facts about the outfit. Nobody should be in any doubt , \"he said .
'Do you think you offend the imam in this series ?'question to Sen, \"Never . Lizard's not an imam . However, there are also people who do not respect life imams . And we can also see our range of places these people. Let us not forget that there are a number of movies and continue next week. A project that is very important in the whole move some where . Here we bring in focus the main here. Who knows, maybe later in the process transforming work lizards act as one character . And they meet at a common point . I'll ruin all the surprises do not stop here, \"he replied. Photo

Produced by Yalçın Sen array of lizards:" comments for.


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