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  • 11 Kasım 2014, Salı 16:25

Prime Minister Ahmed Davutoğl'n Athens was widely reported in the press Visit Cyprus

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Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu 5-6 on December 3rd Turkey-Greece High Level Cooperation Council was given to the various comments from the press regarding the news that the Greeks went to Athens as part of the meeting.

Lefkoşa news: Photo Alithia newspaper \"Ankara Activities for himself Compressed Feels-Curtain Behind Reducing the voltage-Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu in Athens \"in a report titled , Cyprus alleged MEB in the Turkish work from Ankara while Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu's that Turkey-Greece High Level Cooperation Council arrived in the form of a sudden to go to Athens on 5-6 December explanation for the meeting , he said. Greek government newspaper stating that they were aware of this visit, he wrote , referring to the diplomatic environment play a role in different subjects to reduce the tension in the eastern Mediterranean . Photo Gazette Anna Andreu, citing Turkish diplomats in the news release , visit Greece Davutoglu will do I wrote a post that highlighted aimed at reducing tension. Turkish press countries in the region that is expressed by the newspaper alliance against Turkey , Cyprus and Greece that followed the developments closely and the tripartite talks with Israel plans to take forward , he said . Turkey's blackmail in order to protect national interests in the region and can be found in claiming threats , Turkey, Cyprus itself with visual support from countries in the region \"and compressed in isolation \"felt suggested. Ankara has also caused tension , but then you realize it by the newspaper, wrote that Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu and started to engage in activities to reduce tension. The newspaper also gave wide coverage to the news and comments on the subject in the Turkish press yesterday . Photo Politis newspaper , Prime Minister's visit to Athens, \"Ahmet Davutoglu in-Cyprus Bilateral Meeting with Athens 5-6 December,\"was passed with the title . Newspapers Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu and Greek Prime Minister Antonis will be held between Samaras Turkey-Greece High Level Cooperation Council 3rd summer is expected to address the Cyprus issue at the meeting .
Same news \"Samaras Davutoglu Çağırdı-the Tripartite Talks Next to Ankara Athens at the bridge was \"the transfer of title Fileleleftheros the newspaper , Egypt and Athens beyond the evolving dialogue with Israel , wrote that he prefers to do in parallel negotiations with Ankara. Athens , Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu announced that his visit to Athens by the newspaper South Cyprus , and that informed consent was mentioned that show . Newspaper South Cyprus and Athens should , because they have chosen to practice in Cyprus in the form of voltage isolation , he argued that Turkey is done in the comments. The newspaper also Davutoglu-up to Samaras meeting is tomorrow would continue contacts with Israel and Egypt, Greece, Athens, Cyprus and Israeli Foreign Ministry Director General has mentioned the possibility of the summit. Photo ATHENS'< strong> GREECE, SOUTHERN CYPRUS aND ISRAEL MFA GENERAL MANAGER SUMMIT Photo Politis newspaper in Greece, Cyprus and met in the Israeli foreign ministers tomorrow Athens discussed the preparations for the deepening of cooperation between the three countries wrote his will . According to the report , Greek Foreign Minister Director General , Ambassador Anastasios Mitsialis tomorrow in Athens , the Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs with the participation of the General Director Alexandros Zino , Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs Director General Apr I will hold a meeting with the Sitra .
Greek Foreign Minister Yoannis Kasulidis , said in a statement yesterday , said that Turkey's cooperation in this field acts as a front against him. Alithia newspaper , the Greek state radio in the comments Kasulidis , it is a \"paranoia \"and that this \"paranoia \"sensitive areas which feel the need be identified as bringing peace to the consolidation of peace and stability in the Eastern Mediterranean Cyprus , Greece, and not like Egypt, Turkey'its foreign policy , argued that self-isolation due to the drag . Eastern Mediterranean , just \"Turkey and to his machinations \"Kasulidis indicating whether the owner , the Eastern Mediterranean is a sensitive area with serious problems , security, those who want to contribute to peace and stability that it has every right to own making , including cooperation , he said. In Kasulidis explanation for his efforts in South Cyprus's foreign policy , security of geographic location , stability and the rise in the form of peace elements and must be said that brought together to co-direct both Cyprus through the countries. Photo GREECE'< strong> FROM ANKARA '< strong> oR rESPONSE Photo Alithia newspaper , wrote that Ankara Turkish warships in the Eastern Mediterranean in Greek or in the confrontation with Israeli warships rules of engagement for a response from the description in the Hellenic Navy will apply . On the other hand, according to a government source newspaper Simerini Turkey's engagement in the form of rules to be applied with reference to the statement \"the subject of winning a military dimension that Turkey's inward-looking game ,\"he argued . Turkish Naval Forces Commander Admiral Bulent Bostanoğlu a description of the review the same source that \"Cyprus and response to the diplomatic success of Athens \"was considered and Turkey's issues will fall into the trap in the form of winning a military dimension also argued . Photo SOUTHERN CYPRUS Israel of iN SO-CALLED Ministry of Security E TRANSFER Photo Simerini newspaper published in Greece \"Defense is \"involved in his web page , South Cyprus gave in so-called Exclusive Economic Zone of the Greek energy sources and security of the eastern Mediterranean will be transferred to Israel in the form of news related to facility location . Said writes that referred to the Greek military source on site newspapers , Greek military sources \"due to the very high cost of this type of activity Cyprus supposedly MEB to not being able to provide combat power,\"he explained . According to news sources reported the same deal on the subject of Israel while pointing to the Greek Government President Nikos Anastasiadis it will be handled in a visit to Israel on 2 December. According to the report the government sources, one of which contains one very subject of negotiations with Israel , he said that to meet the security of Cyprus's alleged MEB . Photo DESCRIPTION OF POLITICAL PROGRESS Photo DISI President Averof was Neofi , in his statement, \"If Turkey chooses the if voltage path then it will be that price,\"he said. Photo was Neofi , the description in the meeting of the frame press conference yesterday , the Cyprus problem is paying the cost themselves about whether analyzed so far , discreet and launched in a prudent way Turkey has argued the case to continue as long as the price to pay for deadlock . Turkey has argued that the then Neofi or remedy or think should select the voltage , Cyprus, also pointed to the tripartite summit between Greece and Egypt . He Neofi that you need to strengthen their cooperation with Israel , said the performance of that question on Turkey's Cyprus's alleged MEB in which they evaluate their activities Greek Government President Nikos Anastasiadis negotiations under blackmail and threats that the right of the replica is not possible . < Br/> KS EDEK MP Giorgos Varnavas , stability in the Eastern Mediterranean overlapping interests beyond the energy field of the three countries , said the formation of the security conditions will move forward. Varnavas , in cooperation with the other countries in the region , he said should be spread . Greek Environmentalists and Ecologists'Movement spokesperson Eleni Hrisosto my satisfaction expressed heard of the tripartite summit's outcome in Egypt. Photo Hrisosto my , Cyprus just the important alliance , in practice , he said can play an important role in the wider region in the eastern Mediterranean . the Greek Citizens President Alliance Yiorgos Lillikas statement, Turkey's \"Improving crisis \"that attempt , arguing that Turkey \"aggression \"was argued to suggest close your eyes ones.
< strong> the British Foreign Office dESCRIPTION < br/> Alithia newspaper and other newspapers, Britain's Foreign Ministry spokesman gave the statement to be made ​​about the location of the so-called Ministry of National Education of Cyprus . News by Britain's Foreign Ministry spokesman reiterated the country's stance on the so-called Republic of Cyprus and the Cyprus Ministry of National Education's \"sovereign rights recognized by the Ministry of Education for the evaluation of the reserves in ,\"he said .

Prime Minister Ahmed Davutoğl'n Athens was widely reported in the press Visit Cyprus" comments for.


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