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  • 10 Kasım 2014, Pazartesi 18:02

Panel from Kadee

Panel from Kadee
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Women and Democracy Association ( KADEM ) organized by the \"International Panel of Women Victims of War Ettiði \"was hosted by the Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality .

Gaziantep news: Photo Sahin, the opening of the panel held in a hotel in the world, was the emphasis not on the alliance of peace in the war. To break the Photo World , pour, in combining the power of war victims to fight not striking Sahin, \"Two was World War II and was a world destroyed . here the required courses can not be removed . that established the United Nations (UN ) and European Union (EU), this instability does not end can not . it's we see that the need to own in reform , \"he said . Photo Gaziantep around the problem and the number of the city's growing refugee despite Turkey's 2 Şahin stated that solid up magic, \"We are faithful people. We believe that proliferate Paylaştıkça . our growth we are the result of fertility in a sense, \"he shared his views. Photo Turkey's rights and justice to the extent you get chaos bit he stressed that opened its doors Sahin, said spoke:Photo \"My Gazi my city these are chaos bit so we opened our doors to all of our brothers from . Open door policy , whether Turkish, Kurdish , whether you get the Flame , we said it does not matter that none are Sunni. Our home , our bread , we share our water . We can not be part of the problem . We tried our lesson for help. We said what we need to do . Our road map , we've created in this context. In education, in health , we show our efforts in safety. \"Photo stating that summer makes war Historic Falcon,\"But people will never forget extending the hand in its difficult times , \"he said .
\" WE LITERALLY we wear a refugee SHOES \"Photo prime minister , Ahmet Davutoglu, his wife Sare Davutoglu today only Turkey's not Jordan, and also said that a high number of Syrian refugees in brotherly country like Lebanon. Photo is located in Syria drink in Davos at the beginning of 2014 stating that Davutoglu participated in a simulation that depicts the refugee camp, said:Photo:\"We wear the shoes of a refugee , and I've experienced almost the yaşıyormuşca they live in camps . Very impressed with what we live in a limited time. Some of the participants , all between senior politicians from around the world , there were senior corporate executives , leaving a portion of the simulation midway between tears. Empathy and we live to make it a unique experience for them to feel what they live. However, in order to live this experience and the citizens of our neighboring countries do not have to go to Davos. Thank goodness our camp in good condition. Nevertheless, we all need to have empathy. The majority of our guests not only in the camps live anywhere in Turkey . All things to do to remedy the grievance is to share the burden and responsibility . The most important thing to do for women as war victims had also mobilize people. \"Photo Davutoglu, that wars are usually 2 sides to attract attention \"But getting wound everyone in the civil war , crippling and suffering . Civil wars houses, bark , hobs , burning hearts , washing her . See most women and children in all war damage . The weakest , the most powerless , taking the greatest harm that the most vulnerable , \"he said .
\" FAILED IN INTERNATIONAL COMMUNITY MERCY EXAM \"Photo Sare Davutoglu, war victims meat that women can amplify sound , the world's sleeping addressing can mobilize the conscience cruel tyrant also not the international community , but stressed that failed in mercy exam . Photo Turkey 1 million 600 thousand Syrian states that the victim mercy extended his hand Davutoglu, \"in Praise to God , as well as to relieve the suffering of our own our one tries to do its utmost nation , our state , and we have the United Nations \"the assessment found . the war Photo Turkey , death, the bullet , bomb fleeing children , striking Davutoglu that clarify the safety of the women, said:
\"We know that this is not enough , not enough. Of children in the camp had problems with women. Brother Syrians living outside the camps and the needs of our present serious problems . They homes , dormitories there until you return to our task we need to do . It's not just those in our country , there are also more serious problems of refugees in different countries than ours . Syria can not get out , but there are women who are trapped children from around the country, and is much more difficult situation. The international community expects the proliferation How much of this pain ? \"Photo \"TURKEY EAT YOU \"Photo UN High Commissioner for Refugees and the operation of the High Commissioner Assistant Janet Lim is Turkey's fourth billion dollars over resource transfer stating you with open arms to refugees in Syria , thanked . Photo Turkey's order to prevent civil war in Syria and the refugee problem in the world community's major work done stated that Lim to bring its agenda , the school of the Turkish government , energy supply , to resolve the problem of the many issues Syrian such as public finance and noted that the work to heal the wounds . Photo BMI Europe and Central Asia Regional Director and UN Women Representative in Turkey Ingibjörg Gisladot the war, and women in particular to be addressed without delay , Syria and agenda noting that the introduction . Photo KADEM Head Asst . Assoc. If Dr. Sare Aydin Yilmaz , history, nation and the people with the neighboring countries should fulfill everyone's responsibility drama taking place in Syria , he said. many of the war's duration
4 years stating that the country also come to threaten Yilmaz, \"the events that started the Arab Spring , the butterfly effect has swept the entire Middle East. Tragedy in Syria is that it continue , \"he said .
Hasan Kalyoncu University Rector Prof. Dr. Tamer Yilmaz , the most severe pain of war, women and their children pulled , it also stressed that threatened the future . Photo KADEM Management Board Member and President Recep Tayyip Erdogan , the daughter of Mohamed Erdogan and the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) Turkey goodwill ambassador , singer folk songs with many guests followed by the panel , Tulay Gökçimen the \"cries \"document some excerpts from shown. < br/> Panel before the exhibition browsing participants photograph opened in the foyer, Başbakan'ımız's wife posed for a photo with Sare Davutoglu and President Fatma Şahin .
through the day, ongoing panel , Syrian war victims from the left that camp of refugees attended many guests and women.


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