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  • 26 Ağustos 2013, Pazartesi 01:26

Oyak Renault Bursa's turnover and exports, the largest of

Oyak Renault Bursa's turnover and exports, the largest of
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Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BCCI) carried out 16 years' Bursa 250 Large Firm Survey results were announced in 2012.

based on a survey of Revenue, 7, 531 million pounds Oyak Renault was the first. Tofaş with 6,916 million pounds, and one from the Turkish Automobile Factory, Bosch was the third of 992 million pounds.

BCCI Chairman Ibrahim Burkay building room 250 Large Firms Survey results at a press conference. By the seven turnovers, with 531 million pounds Oyak Renault the first, sixth, and 1,992 million pounds from 916 million pounds, the Bosch plant in Tofaş is the third study, based on the exports by the change. Oyak Renault was the first in exports of 3.152 million dollars, 2.64 million dollars and 848 million dollars from exports Tofaş Bosch was the third figure.


BCCI President Abraham burkay, according to research results, but the profit is a good production, sales, exports and employment growth declined expressed. Sector ranking in the automotive supply industry has come forward stating Burkay, food, agriculture, livestock, metal, machinery, energy, electrical and electronics industries, shipping and noted that the number of firms increases. Textile and garment industry, chemical industries and wood furniture industries, forest products decreased the number of firms, construction firms and the number of plastic rubber and cement industries noted changed.

Burkay, the highest value added produced in the automotive industry with a share of 44.4 per cent said.


250 large firms a total of 28 new companies entered the list underlines Burkay shared the following information:"2011 In a total of 33 companies had made a new entry. firms who had made a new entry to the list with a total turnover of total turnover of 4.5 billion pounds to 8.3 percent corresponds to. Generally Considered the world and in Turkey in 2012, the slowdown in the economy, their sales, export , has restricted the growth of value added and activated, whereas firms have managed to increase their profitability and employment. 250 large firms also important despite the slowdown in employment growth in the economy continue to be promising for the future."

Oyak Renault Bursa's turnover and exports, the largest of" comments for.


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