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  • 27 Eylül 2014, Cumartesi 12:07

One of every 200 people in Turkey Rheumatology Patient

One of every 200 people in Turkey Rheumatology Patient
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Rheumatism and Pain Society (RAD ) Chairman Prof.

Samsun news: Omar dry, \"rheumatoid arthritis, the ( R ) ( inflammatory rheumatism ) \"in Turkey every 200 people seen in one , he said.
Rheumatism and pain by the Association Anemone Hotel \"2nd Black Sea Rheumatology Days\"symposium was held. Symposium Istanbul University Pediatric Hospital, Civilization University, Tekirdag University, Giresun University and Omuya the physical therapists , physiotherapists, family doctors and faculty members attended.
Rheumatic diseases in the world the most common diseases of indicating that the RAD President Prof. Omar dry, \"Rheumatism When we say more than 170 defined disease are available. It in the inflamed joint rheumatism have also inflamed that there . Inflammatory among those most commonly seen as one of the rheumatoid arthritis is (RA) . RA among the people inflamed joint rheumatism as is known. Society approximately 1 percent is seen. Turkey population of 75 million , considering 350 thousand and 600 thousand between the RA patients have . these most common symptoms of morning stiffness is . so the patient up in the morning your hands move in difficulty . hand joints swelling occurs \"he said.
RA MOST FREQUENT 30-50 between the ages
a progressive disease that expresses showers dry, \"This disease is progressing slowly . lot of genetic factors in RA it is important . a family RA patients an individual person if RA chance to be 2 to 15 times greater. RA disease most often 30-50 years of age is seen. But sooner or later in life also can begin . The most important thing showers , functional loss that is causing injury . Disability occurred in 75 percent of patients over 10 years can bring . In addition, life expectancy 3-18 years less. So normally I going to live until the age of 70 , while RA patients will live 18 years less . The risk of death compared to the normal single population 2.5-3 times greater. More than 50 percent of deaths from cardiovascular disease occur . RA patients, one had a heart attack probability normal single population higher than that , \"he said.
TURKEY every 200 people in one RA SEEN
RA disease among the people inflamed joint rheumatism known that gold Dry draw , \"this illness with herbal medicine , acupuncture , or with a spa treatment of this disease can not be good . Spa treatment for RA is particularly harmful . Because you can put heat . You can increase the degree of inflammation . Hot on the disease faster is watching. RA is more common in smokers as well as more severe RA is watching. 100 percent no cure for this disease . But the new biologic agents used clinically for more than half of patients can cause healing . One of every 200 people in Turkey is seen in RA . Nobody knows this disease . Turkey 350 thousand-400 thousand patients need to be , we were looking at 20 thousand-50 thousand. Because the disease begins in the small joints of the hands , for example, which started the first patient to receive help from his neighbors . Then go to the doctor in the second step does make the film , but the film does not appear anything . Therefore, patients lose 6 more months . The disease begins to progress . RA one year when a patient comes to us . However, the disease 12 months is going quite advanced . Rheumatic not be afraid , afraid of being late , \"he said .


One of every 200 people in Turkey Rheumatology Patient" comments for.


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