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  • 07 Kasım 2014, Cuma 15:23

Officer-Sen Description

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Officer-Sen Hakkari Branch members, they began staffing and administrators in institutions in the province , \"Kopani are terrorists\"has responded to the allegations that direction .

Hakkari news: Photo Officer-Sen Branch Chairman Nihat to a press release issued in Hakkari Branch Lush and members attended. The success and achievements of the trade union by a different union members stated that their failure to cover their slander thrown Gur, said that the first of this situation. Gur, \"Officer-Sen managers,'Kopani are terrorists'slander they say . Officer-Sen headquarters at 200 thousand worth of assistance consisting of various necessities , Kopani have been delivered to the refugees and the aid continues but holy Kopani which reduces the resistance of an ordinary director interview does not approve of mentality and we condemn it. every social negativity keskın in life, we do not understand bringing although he had to do with the Kurdish people are trying to do with reconciliation mentality with the mazlumiyet is . known that we agree on the idea of ​​getting a quality education for our children's union , our city schools we will come to harm burned and destroyed by this does not demonstrate cause sensitivity . Directorate interview 2 on the commission with regard to union members when we look at the commission Education-Bir-Sen , 2 Education-Sen is clear that the members of the commission and a non-union . despite this obvious union is a member of the commission working to clean out of commission for its failure even their own union members trust they have shown clearly . You know the union expressed their democratic rights , despite all the slander and defamation that we do not approve of intervention , we would like to express our fellow educators , \"he said.

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