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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 10 Kasım 2014, Pazartesi 17:41

Middle East Exhibition of Young Artists

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Diyarbakır Arts High School student Ali Abdullah Durgin and coral art exhibition was opened in the Middle East called Metropolitan Municipality exhibition hall.

Diyarbakır news: Photo events and suffering in the Middle East who started young artists, 20 pencil portraits and oil painting exhibition consists of 32 works from the work of opened . The exhibition , including Musa Anter , Hrant Dink , Sheikh Said , Sayyed Reza , Sea Gezmiş, Ibrahim Kaypakkaya , Khaki Karen is , Ferhat Kurtay , Mahir Cayan , Mahmut Zengin , Akif Yilmaz, Ashraf is the same and Kemal Pir is well located , the perpetrators have been lost in unsolved murders Diyarbakır No. 5's pencil portraits of people have lost their lives in the struggle for democracy and torture in prison . Also from Halabja in oil paintings , Roboski to , depicted the events in Rojava the Middle East from Sengal . Speaking at the opening of the Photo Exhibition Metropolitan Municipality Culture and Tourism Department of Muharram pocket , celebrating youth , \"social awareness of young people at high school age opening the basis of such an exhibition is promising in terms of Kurdish art and artists , \"he said . \"It was almost like a collage exhibition of suffering in the Middle East . From Halabja , to Africa, to the Prison No. 5 from Roboski processed all the pain ,\"he said . Photo Amed Art Gallery Coordinator of the Peace Seyitv in the exhibition , Diyarbakır Metropolitan Municipality, is an indicator of commitment to supporting young artists , said:\"encourage other young artists and in terms of motivating will continue this support and contribution ,\"he said . Photo Exhibition will be open to visitors until 16 November .

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