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  • 13 Kasım 2014, Perşembe 14:21

Kütahya New Courthouse

Kütahya New Courthouse
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Kütahya Public Prosecutor Atilla The Lion, has long said that it results from ongoing studies to determine the location of the new courthouse .

Kütahya news: Photo Lion, in his statement , \"In the face of inadequate the present conditions of the current Palace of Justice study in order to determine the location of the new Palace of Justice which have not somehow result in the allocation of places , despite working on for a long time sonuçlandı.2013 year from the various locations for the construction of the new Palace of Justice today in the studies concluded the zoning plan area allocated Kütahya Office of the Prosecutor for Kütahya Municipality building construction, Kütahya Revenue and Kütahya Municipality of his protocol Kütahya allocated for the construction of the Palace of Justice edildi.y new Palace of Justice to the allocated land Greenhouse Shopping Center next Tavşanlı way to facing Gaybiefendi 2988 island 1 is located in plot. Moreover, when the construction of the new prison of the land where the existing prison in accordance with the Protocol completion of Kütahya Municipality to the transfer to be made , \"he said .
\" CONCLUSION hardship we REACH \"Photo related to the new Palace of Justice made ​​a statement Kütahya Chief Prosecutor Atilla Lion, \"2013 cattle market and Commodity Exchange made ​​the land between the location of the planned Palace of Justice with the idea that they are more appropriate center , transportation is easier and justice apartment located in the studies to be a place worthy of the dignity of allocation according to many plot particular reference to educational institutions by general administrative reasons it will be mandatory with deemed inappropriate for Çinig or current place of Kütahya Municipality to the swap proposal of the Municipal Assembly of the adoption by the judgment of 04/02/2014 , Tavşanlı located right next to making changes to the zoning plan Greenhouse Mall was Gaybief facing the main road Quarter 2988 islands are also welcome to be made a tender for construction in the likely 2015 where the drawing of one parcel court Ministry of Justice has been allocated for the construction and Kütahya Revenue is finalized with the will of Justice and the Ministry of Technical Affairs of control in the draft project , \"he said . Photo Kütahya Public Prosecutor Atilla Lion, \"this stage did not come easily , which will serve our citizens and the studies for the construction of a service building worthy of Kütahya has tried to shut down as soon as the negligence of the year completed 1 year . In this context, it would be particularly to thank our Treasurer and Kütahya Kütahya Mayor and contribute to our efforts and to deliver the right , \"he said. (EFA)

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