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  • 16 Ocak 2014, Perşembe 07:12

Karsan, the future was presented to the Mayor of London Taxi

Karsan, the future was presented to the Mayor of London Taxi
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Karsan, London is designed for right-hand drive configurations, the electric taxi,"Zero Emission London Taxi Promotion Organisation in"was presented to Mayor Boris Johnson.

Londra news:  Karsan, London had designed for right-hand drive electric cab configurations, the"Zero Emission London Taxi Promotion Organisation in"Mayor Boris Johnson's unveiling.
First time in 2010 in New York City for V1 Concept taxi concept from scratch, designs and so far continue to develop tool Karsan, London's famous"black cab"design for London considering re-designed right-hand drive electric taxi. The new model,"Zero Emission London Taxi Promotion Organisation in"London Mayor Boris Johnson was presented to.
Metrocab and The London Taxi Company companies in the electric vehicle models are exhibited in the organization of Karsan V1 Concept taxi prototype London Mayor Boris Johnson and organizations participating in the cabbies by and large welcomed.
"Zero Emission London Taxi 'organization Karsan on behalf of Chairman Inan Kıraç, Vice-Chairman Claude Nahum, Executive Director Jan Nahum, CEO Murat Selek and Hexagon Studio General Manager Tolga Doğancıoğlu contributions showed.
Karsan, CEO Murat Selek organizational said:
"Concept V1 platform, London's historic heritage faithful, Karsan experienced R & D company Hexagon Studio and London's prestigious design school of the Royal College of Art in collaboration with the've developed. Meticulously which we conduct this research process, Karsan's engineering and manufacturing expertise during the detailed design has merged with. Concept V1, only passengers but all day in the car drivers who meet the needs of a targeted vehicle was designed to be. Zero-emission latest-generation electric motor developed as a tool Concept V1, but also London taxis sought in eight feet back in a condition to appropriate and rear wheels, this radius even can rotate below is designed."
event which hosted the Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, told reporters in a statement,"London taxi"s in many ways an iconic value that you have stated. 2018 from all taxis zero emissions capable'll need to have the said Johnson,"Today we've seen cleaner and more environmentally friendly vehicles, the famous London taxi of the development goes well, a proof that I think it was,"he said.
Karsan design and engineering company, Hexagon Studio, London designed for the new model taxi concept in London's prestigious design company Royal College of Art (RCA) has set out to develop together. Karsan V1 Concept vehicle completely renovated, with a unique design theme is based on not only the UK's heritage also includes a number of different innovations. Suspension 1/1 as well as prototype exhibited ¼ three different models of user studies performed to date includes key points. Concept V1, that can be used with different types of engines are designed. Electric and internal combustion engine as an alternative engine option offers a modern powertrain technology through V1 Concept, disabled access features and spacious interior despite the low carbon footprint with.
V1 Concept, with limited mobility, a wheelchair affords the freedom to transport passengers or installed. Major features include a patented, factory-mounted vehicle, on both sides of the pavement can be extended automatically and lit a wheelchair ramp; 90 degrees opening provides easy access to a specially designed wide doors, low-floor structure; wheelchair's hard to stop a safety latch, and also keyboard for visually and hearing impaired and communicate with Braille facilities is located.
safe for cyclists and pedestrians
New Concept also one of the most innovative aspects of V1 be in communication with road users. Vehicle located behind the patented signaling system and the passenger door opening bicyclists, pedestrians and other vehicles stimulation is provided.
Design Research team in the design process, taxi drivers In order to improve the working environment was carried out interviews with the drivers. As a result of this research, which is separated from the passenger compartment of the vehicle the entire front part of the long shift to meet the different needs of drivers for hours left. This area of ​​the latest tech gadgets, storage compartments, a spacious work area where modern, efficient and comfortable work station acts as a. Many of London taxi drivers over the age of 65 and generally spend the entire working day in the vehicle emphasize the element of comfort in vehicles. Standard equipment offered as bus seat type, suspension, fully adjustable driver's seat for the driver, a good provide support.
V1 Concept, hilly streets and demanding environment caused by wear and tear against exceptionally durable structure. Specially manufactured chassis panels, case of any damage effortlessly and cost-effectively can be changed; changing process ordinary taxi chassis compared to the much faster, costs are significantly lower; repairs resulting from downtime is shorter and the related costs are falling.

Concept V1 unusually spacious five-passenger interior can comfortably seat four passengers in one sitting enough space for a wheelchair to remain. Even while carrying five passengers, offering more than enough leg space V1 Concept, brings a new standard for passenger comfort.
Iconic panoramic glass roof gives passengers their connection with the outside world. Vehicle; entertainment systems, payment options, location-based mapping, navigation and information systems to meet the varied needs of the passengers are equipped with GPS and internet connection. This unique"infotainment"system uses the passengers still in the car the charger unit thanks to the course for a seamless can perform.
Karsan latest late last June by Frost & Sullivan in London, the third one organized by the"Urban Mobility 3.0"Concept V1 organization under the"2013 Global Product Differentiation Award Excelllence/2013 Global Product Differentiation Excellence Award"was awarded to take.

Karsan, the future was presented to the Mayor of London Taxi" comments for.


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