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  • 13 Ocak 2016, Çarşamba 15:02

Justice Minister Bozdag: if aliens had dug trenches

Justice Minister Bozdag: if aliens had dug trenches
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Justice Minister Bekir Bozdag, the Anadolu Agency (AA) as a guest of the Panel Editor, answered questions on the agenda.

Bozdag on the question of the recent developments related to the terrorist attacks in Istanbul, first condemned the terrorist attack, he said a curse.

Terror religion, sect, nationality, regardless of where that country of terror and stressed that there is a great crime against humanity finished Bozdag, said:

"To express once again on the occasion of this event in the face of terrorism must be, I would like all Turkish citizens and the international community in solidarity. Terrorism, but when he made the struggle in solidarity would be the possibility of a larger struggle can be significant from the point of destroying terror."

"Terrorism is our common problem '

Terrorism not only the AK Party, only one province, only a certain group, emphasizing that you're not the problem Bozdag, "terrorism all parties, 78 million of our people, it is our common problem. Political institutions in Turkey are obliged to adopt a position with the face of the fight against terrorism. For an effective fight this is a must. But unfortunately we see a wrong understanding of politics stand in the face of those who believe the fight against terrorism, "he said.

Bozdag, "Attack of the unfortunately PKK terrorism in Turkey, attacks of Dease terrorist DHKP-C terrorist organization attacks making another terror attack though when the attack organization, Deas, a cripple like the PKK is not also incredibly Government of Turkey, a sickly manner of media, politics, we see that the attitude of academia's and NGOs. First, we need to question ourselves against this attitude. I wonder if the terrorist find strength Is it the courage helps this manner, or is helping me to slimming "he said.

'It's not a terrorist organization in the region'

Justice Minister Bozdag, criticized the statement of formation of academics for peace, "not a terrorist organization in the region though, if the trench was dug aliens, set up barricades of aliens, the Republic of Turkey Government pretended to fight what not. No eyes so to see them, there's no truth ears to hear and them does not have a grasp understanding to evaluate, "he said.

'Do not have any words to say to those at the rockets?'

Recently, some scholars stating that some remarks made Bozdag, said:

"I'm sure these academics had no idea what has happened in a substantial part of that area. I do not think that they can go and see. Right honest Sirnak, Cizre, they do visit Silopi, I do not think what they are observing is going Sur. If only they who do transfers they think they're doing out an assessment. But they see them go. Event locations, they assess that the location of the terrorist act. You attack you with a hospital rockets. They think you can fire rockets. One hospital doctors, midwives, nurses, paramedical staff working for the health of the people there. Rockets are being taken. Do not have any words to say to those at Rocket? "

'Who is the killer of children'

CHP leader Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu group speech at the transfer apology demonstrates an approach criticized the language Beyazıt Öztürk Bozdag, "was found in an evaluation form you glad the child killer. I Kılıçdaroğlu'na Mr. I want to ask here, who is a killer of children? Turkey's fight against terrorism our soldiers, is the police, is or is Turkish security forces and PKK terrorist organization? Mr. Kılıçdaroğlu I'm waiting for an explanation, "he said.

"Who dug this ditch? Barricades who wolf? Who put mined traps in there? Military we, who are those who killed our policemen? Trigger wreckers, who detonated the bomb, who took the rocket, who are using Kanas? Them, please express your tongue," said Minister Bozdag, the following main PKK as a terrorist organization and have not entered into this action against the terrorists who carried out the slightest approach, he did not put demeanor.

CHP voters from citizens "raise their voices against the CHP managers, they are with whom assessment of" wanting Bozdag, "Did alongside Turkey's next m PKK terrorist organization that clearly need to demonstrate," he said.

'Is that the main opposition party CHP in other countries?'

Bozdag, "I'm asking here: Is not there any issues that Turkey was right?" If your own country with disputed that how foreign policy issues them all in the approach of seeing their country the country are justified against obvious unfair simply reveal their actions, not by rhetoric. Then I could not resist asking, Republican People's Party Is Turkey's main opposition party, is the main opposition party in another country? "He said.

'They do politics in the region'

The fight against terrorism, the security forces could only do that job, you will do a lot of work in the political institutions, indicating that the Bozdag, said:

"Political parties in the region where they do they criticize government policy. In Diyarbakir, Hakkari, Sirnak, Van, Batman, Siirt, Mus AK Party, whether to keep open the organization as hdp'li are You go on the citizen's problem. If the solution does in Ankara, CHP how politics among the suggestions, you did there the same. If the MHP politics How does Ankara, the same as you did there. But unfortunately, confining the politics of Turkey's provincial basis, reviewing the policy with issuing an approach other provinces if done against terrorism can not put out a correct stance on the fight. I would like to express that I condemn this attitude. "

'Terrorist organization, Tahir Elci does not want to identify who the real killer'

Diyarbakir Bar Association Chairman Tahir Envoy for the murder of Justice Minister Bozdag, said:

'PKK terrorist organization, does not want to identify who the real killer Tahir Elci. If during the event by the PKK terrorist organization has been organizing this event is a death, or if another occasion killed by the PKK does not want it known. If a bullet out of the law enforcement agencies lost their lives during the conflict he does not want it to be known. Because there is a conflict, which is understood to be an accidental death. You know who was killed by the 'state killer' Let's propaganda, 'state killer conceals', say, 'states the killer does not want to' say. For him, the evidence collection, evidence of a healthy scrutiny will not allow any attacks made since the beginning, he did all kinds of obstacles. "

'The decision of the ECHR is that rejection of the measures requested'

ECHR Bakr evaluating the rejection decision on the curfew Bozdag, "the Court has given the injunction request is the direction of rejection. Claimed by the requesting, in meeting the needs of points required for there citizens' everyday lives, government that takes the necessary measures and stated he believes will refused. Rejection, this case does not mean the radical rejection. Only rejection of the measures requested. Interviews will be held on the merits of the case, "he said.

'The Commission must connect itself with the new constitutional commitment'

Bozdag, regarding the new constitution, "If spread in the new term if the commission works such time a new constitutional impasse by this commission. Commission must be bound by the new constitution, with commitment and with a time record. 'We have a new constitution in six months, will explain the proposal of Turkey to the public, such a study will do. 3 months, 6 months, we will finalize our study, "he needs to connect itself. Otherwise the 4 year period, as previously 'You're making a new constitution,' returns to the commission," he said.

'Presidential system is not intended to be discussed'

"Presidential system of the pros, cons What are negotiating Let them," said Bozdag, said:

"System blockages in Turkey, the problems and our losses will be experienced after muhtelemel problems, the returns of the presidential system, all of them on seriously need to discuss. I need to be afraid of discussion. Misfortune of Unfortunately, the presidential system, even being talked about are people afraid. Presidential system is not intended to be discussed, feared the debate. Clearly you discussed, why fear? My opinion, opposition parties, if the presidential system debate, after hearing criticism or praise about the people of this system critics are afraid they will see the unjust. "It's a good system, you why you disagree, 'they worry diyiver will. "

Bozdag, stating that in case of a system which is currently chaired by the victim to the prejudices of the system, "the presidential system in Turkey will one day, I believe. This happens in recently, that'd be away for a time, but recently it's my wish. The time loss is always against Turkey. If Turkey recently from it more profitable, "he said.

Immunity files

Justice Minister Bekir Bozdag, the immunity file relating to the AK Party 44, the CHP 134, MHP deputies on 15, Peoples' Democratic Party lawmakers, he said about 293 files submitted to the Parliament.

Justice Minister Bozdag: if aliens had dug trenches" comments for.


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