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  • 13 Kasım 2014, Perşembe 18:00

Jaap Uilenberg Criticism Bulent Korkmaz

Jaap Uilenberg Criticism Bulent Korkmaz
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Suat Gold Construction Kayseri Erciyesspor coach Bulent Korkmaz, who followed his statement about the Bursaspor match UEFA Referees Committee member Jaap Uilenberg criticized , \"Jaap Uilenberg's comments unfortunate ,\"he said .

Kayseri news: Photo Press at Club facility conference Suat Gold Construction Kayseri Erciyesspor coach Bulent Korkmaz, saying they played well as a team , \"We're playing well as a game. We're playing well at Visiting and internal field , but we remain under the points we think . the champion in the first half fixtures 5 We're playing at home football team and others always outside. Therefore, in the first half fixture second half by more difficult. when we look at the second half we played our competitors in 9 matches . We are doing well in the game , but we may be higher than the score . We're not playing team championship . We collect the admiration of everyone in the game . in particular, national channels praises our game . received recognition from the game all anyone we play . the players are also aware , \"he said .
\" gAME aS very pleased \"Photo played the best game of the results reflected will gold Korkmaz draw , \"but I'm glad the game is coming as a result. Football is what happens sometimes . the last 3 weeks equalizer in the last minute we both won. This is not a coincidence. The player is our desire to win . Match highlights happening in 1 minute , 3 minutes and it's going well when the match is finished. I arrived at the last minute he is not a coincidence, \"he said . Photo Neither team voicing not dominate the game for 90 minutes coach Korkmaz, \"No team did not see that play 90 minutes at the same pace included in the team playing this title. 90 minutes of the match is very difficult to master . There is no such a team. Fluctuations will be . This is perfectly normal but the important thing to your advantage results in those fluctuations , \"he said .
\" UNFORTUNATE DESCRIPTION \"followed by the Bursaspor match played last week Photo'Bulent Korkmaz referees affect'he made ​​a statement UEFA Referees Committee members also criticized the Uilenberg Jaap Bulent Korkmaz , said the statement is unfortunate . Korkmaz, said:Photo \"an unfortunate statement. Ultimately chief advisor of our referees . I need to enter this kind of polemics. Its what they say , first Fair-play appropriate profanity or bad words , we say our reaction did comments contrary to the Fair-play . React when it is such a bad word or blasphemy is quite normal. Therefore Fair Play came to me like they changed the concept . At that moment I showed that the reaction is quite normal. \"

Jaap Uilenberg Criticism Bulent Korkmaz" comments for.


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