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Invisible braces happy smile!

Invisible braces happy smile!
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Invisible braces, puts an end to the aesthetic concerns. Liv Hospital Department of Oral and Dental Health Dt. Dağcıoğlu Euphrates, informed about orthodontic treatment!

Dental distortions destiny, not for adults. orthodontics in recent years started to use invisible braces smiling elderly peace of mind possible by correcting distortions. Nowadays the patients of all ages, from childhood to adulthood can be treated with alternative therapies that Dt Liv Hospital Department of Oral and Dental Health. Dağcıoğlu Euphrates"smiling teeth due to tooth spacing distortion or closed. For those who suffer from this situation, a kind of do not want to wear braces or begin treatment. Lingual braces, and methods of treatment in adults is now installing Invasilign can have beautiful teeth,"he says ...

proper teeth and a beautiful smile the most effective way for individuals to express themselves correctly. Overall when you see how much your health has an important place in your quality of life, which can be used in dental health alternative treatments for patients of all ages. Which is more suitable to childhood orthodontic treatment (braces treatment) has been neglected for many reasons advancing age or disfigured teeth can be due to various reasons.

How is adult orthodontic treatment?

skeletal jaw bone during adulthood is almost impossible to give directions. May have lost some of your teeth and the supporting bone. Orthodontic treatment can be only part of a more comprehensive treatment plan. Family dentist, oral surgeon, orthodontist, periodontist, endodontist, including the combination treatment is carried out by a team. Infants, the main factor that separates the treatment of adults have completed the development of the jaw. Fixed jaw size mismatches surgical procedures in adults. For example, in one case the lower jaw, lower jaw and the upper jaw is too short trying to catch a very serious problem occurs when closing. As the teeth move orthodontic not solve this problem. Extension of the upper jaw, lower jaw surgery, the length of the need to catch up.

have the benefit of orthodontic treatment is to squeeze your teeth while you sleep?

jaw joint problems, the most important of the factors that led to the habit of clenching and grinding of teeth. In general, a habit that made the night. Trauma can cause wear of the teeth and jaw joint effect. Chronic or acute pain may occur. An orthodontist can diagnose the problem. Sizes disorders may need to further joint surgery.

Difference Correcting Non-Transparent Plates

braces kept away from aesthetic concerns the treatment of adults, it is a known fact. This problem is the use of wire and bracket"Invasilign"method are eliminated. New technology in the treatment of dental diseases"Invasilign"method does not appear significantly in the mouth without the use of wires and brackets, ergonomic, smooth and healthy dental plates are transparent. Usually caused by genetic reasons and crooked teeth corrected at an early age, advancing age, or corrected, but more long-term treatment. Invisalign method, with the aim of correcting misaligned teeth, worn teeth, removable, invisible in the mouth, a series of significant corrective transparent plate, a system that allows corrections of teeth without the use of brackets and wires. Restorers are transparent, with the aid of three-dimensional computerized systems corresponds to that of the patient's dental structure is modeled as, a corrective each plate is used for about 2 weeks and 2 weeks later, a new corrective mounted. It used to be with the new trimmer between the teeth are small differences that make more smooth. This process proceeds step by step. Duration of treatment at regular intervals, teeth crowding ratio varies between 9-15 months. During this period, approximately 18-30 pieces used in transparent corrective plaque. Wires and brackets in the classical orthodontic treatment continues to 18-24 months.

Secret Smile braces peace of mind

other invisible braces treatment method called the lingual orthodontics, teeth braces or confidential treatment, çapraşıklıkları the front surfaces of the teeth instead of brackets and wires used to correct orthodontic treatment applied to the rear sides of the variety. After studying dentistry at various universities for the training of specialist orthodontists lingual orthodontics lingual orthodontics programs will continue and with this technique takes approximately two years of additional training. Similarly, the World Lingual Orthodontics (WSLO) and the European Lingual Orthodontic Societies (eslon) on the lingual technique applied to a clinical competency exam. However, to apply this treatment to orthodontists who are successful in this examination. Have sufficient knowledge and clinical experience specializing in this technique is done by orthodontists labial and lingual orthodontic treatment technique (outside wires) as it is possible to treat all types of cases.

Invisible braces happy smile!" comments for.


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