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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 07 Kasım 2014, Cuma 15:07

HRA from'Resolution Process'Explained

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Human Rights Association (IHD) Hakkari Branch, made ​​a statement about the events and the settlement process.

Hakkari news: Photo HRA Hakkari Branch of the statements made by the HRA Central Executive Committee (CEC ) member Orhan Koparan , HRA Chairman İsmail Akbulut , Branch Secretary Said Cagle, Branch Treasurer Ferzan Stone and joined Farmers Association members Perihan . Read the statement IHD member Orhan Koparan the last two years of life lost time solution ongoing social events occurring in the hopes of peace and that hurt deeply . Koparan , \"HDPE unacceptable attacks on the headquarters . In this context, the government calls us to dominate a peaceful language, the country is waived approach that will bring chaos. Yet our city who can not tolerate to express their democratic demands of Hakkari KESK members of the security forces and the provincial governor, instructing them that and call upon the police chief to stick to positions that security-oriented . Security demonstrators method of distributing power , taking into consideration people target and where to intervene with deadly blows and wounds from these interventions results of the 7 toiling citizens of our various locations. We said we filed a criminal complaint to the public prosecutor for this attitude as human rights defenders and once again our province will damage it will not benefit as long as the security-oriented policies , needs to be seen by province civilian superiors . we invite everyone to the sensitivity of the once again the process to be responsible for taking into account . in this context, we in the peace and the continuation of the settlement process altogether equal and fraternal we envision a country we live in. Our hope and our hope is in this direction , \"he said .

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