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  • 22 Ağustos 2013, Perşembe 11:27

How to use the Internet in Turkey?

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Turkey Statistical Institute TSI Household ICT Usage Survey in Turkey has increased the use of computers and the internet.

individuals aged 16 to 74 use computers and the internet was 48.9 percent and 49.9 percent, respectively. These rates are 47.4 percent and 48.7 percent, respectively, in 2012 idi.Bilgisayar and internet usage rates of 59.3 percent and 60.2 percent of men, while the 16-74 age group, 38.7 per cent and 39.8 per cent for women. Computer and 59 percent in urban areas and 58 percent use the Internet, 29.5 percent and 28.6 percent in rural areas. Nomenclature of Territorial Units for Statistics (NUTS) Level-1 computer and Internet use by 62.1 percent and 61.4 percent of the region is the highest in the TR1-Istanbul. 59.8 per cent of it with the computer and Internet usage rate is 58.5 per cent followed by TR5-western Anatolia. Computer and internet usage rate is the highest in the 16-24 age group. Computer and Internet use is higher in males in all age groups.

39.5 percent of individuals' I USED THE INTERNET AS A REGULAR

the first three months of 2013 (January-March 2013) 16-74 39.5 percent of all individuals in group 's internet on a regular basis (every day or at least once a week) used. During the same period, and in the age group of individuals regularly using the Internet is the Internet usage rate is 91.6 per cent, 92.6 per cent in urban areas and in rural areas, the ratio was 86.7 per cent, and by NUTS-1-TR1 96.1 percent in Istanbul .


the first three months of 2013, individuals who use the internet to connect to the internet wirelessly at home and place of business outside the 41.1 per cent ' I use your mobile phone or smartphone, 17.1 percent of portable computer (laptop, netbook, tablet, etc.). kullandı.İnternet individuals using the ordering of goods or services for private use over the Internet, or 24.1 percent of the purchase. Previous year 21.8 per cent of those who shop on the internet in March 2013, covering the months of April idi.2012 12-month period of the individuals who shop on the internet 48,6 clothing and sporting goods, 25.8 percent of electronic equipment per cent, 25.6 per cent of household goods, 20 per cent of other travel related activities (excluding accommodation), 15.9 per cent 's books, magazines, newspapers (including e-books), 15.7 percent of food received daily requirements.

49.1 PERCENT of households with access to the Internet increased to

in April of 2013, according to the results of ICT Usage Survey of Household percent of households in Turkey 49.1 with access to the Internet from home. This rate was 47.2 percent in the same month of 2012. 35.7 percent of households without access to the Internet from home 'have me connect to internet from home as the reason they do not need to use the internet, he said.

THREE ONLINE NEWS four people using the internet, I read the newspaper or magazine

In the first quarter of 2013, 75.6 percent of individuals using the Internet with the most internet online news, newspapers or magazines to read while using it, to participate in social groups on the Internet, follow-up with 73.2 percent of the individuals who use etti.İnternet 41.3 per cent of public institutions/organizations used the Internet to communicate. Months of 2012, covering the 12-month period from April to March of 2013, individuals who use the Internet for personal purpose public institutions/organizations to use the internet in communication with 41.3 percent. This ratio in the same period of the previous year (April 2011-March 2012) was 45.1 per cent. Use of the purposes of obtaining information from websites of public organizations took first place with 37.5 percent.

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