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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 05 Kasım 2014, Çarşamba 14:40

Hakkari Provincial Coordination Committee Meeting

Hakkari Provincial Coordination Committee Meeting
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4. Period 2014 Hakkari Provincial Coordination Committee meeting was held .

Hakkari news: Photo governorship in the meeting held under the chairmanship of Governor Meeting Hall Jacob Jumblatt , made ​​in 2014 and discussed the services to be performed . Speaking at the meeting Governor James Jumblatt said they would perform the last Provincial Coordination Committee Meeting of 2014 , the intention in making this meeting stated that the discussion of issues related to investments that require coordination across the province . When the 2014 Hakkari should be pointed out that raising the rate of investment in physical realization Jumblat governor general , services have become invested in Hakkari said that should be implemented. Institutions at this point, expressing the necessity of showing the necessary sensitivity with regard to investments in the province governor Jumblatt , in Hakkari province in 2014, the 4th Term Provincial Coordination Committee Meeting of the investment program , the total project cost , he said 1 billion 333 million 597 thousand 591 TL, the 390 project is located . Governor Jumblatt ,''This is the sum of the previous years spending 457 million 701 thousand 993 TL of the project and the total appropriations for 2014 is calculated as 314 million 267 thousand 451 TL. 4. As the project period of 2014 to 106 million 702 thousand 943 TL has been spent . A total of 390 projects from 79 discharged , the 150 project has not yet started . 161 projects are still ongoing ,''he said. Photo Governor Jumblatt , then received information about they do and the services they would from investors establishment of regional and provincial directors who attended the meeting .
Meeting , Hakkari Mayor spouse Wish Hall, Hakkari University Rector Dr. Abu Bakr Ceylan, Deputy Governor Rep Duran , district governors, district and region of the waist in investor organizations joined with mayors and city managers .

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