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  • 11 Ocak 2013, Cuma 09:41

Hair Model Select Outgoing face!

Hair Model Select Outgoing face!
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you change hairstyle? Get to know exactly how your face before making a move. Gather your hair backwards. Face line, your lines of hair, nose, and chin structure Examine the hairdresser will tell. Height, weight, and overall style to suit your face, highlight the area you want to select a model.

oval or diamond shaped face:You're in luck!

Round face:Highlight your lines

triangle or pear face:No adverse effects forums

rectangular face:hair more kabartmayın

inverted triangle or heart face:Modern cuts

face goes down sharply towards the side lines, chin, forehead broad, narrow chin, bold use models. Shorter hairstyles and forelock-story worthy of you in the neck. Hacimlenen towards the chin, shoulders, face, ovality models will not. Choose your hair is long-storey models, since the separate volume and give your hair.

About the Author:Idil Important , EM freelance writer and editor. Two-story anthology books and has published many. He lives in Istanbul.

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