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  • 28 Mayıs 2014, Çarşamba 13:22

Growing in the 21st century will Biruni

Growing in the 21st century will Biruni
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Biruni University Rector.

İstanbul news: Biruni University Rector. Dr. . Adnan Yuksel , \"our goal is not only to provide training to produce after producing science would like to contribute to the economy ,\"he said .
Turkey's most comprehensive thematic Biruni medical university aims to be the founder of the University Rector. Dr. . Adnan Yuksel , nearing completion of the university campus in Topkapi met with journalists . In a press conference , Vice Rector . Dr. . Heydar Water , Prof. Dr. . Bacanlı Hasan , Prof. Dr. . Ayfer Yalcin, Professor . Dr. . Mustafa Ozen , was also present .
of the 21st century indicates that they set out to educate Biruni President Yuksel , from A to Z is a medical university structure of the university , said they would , services and for the purposes of the evaluation found . High quality of education pioneered research in the service of Turkey and in the world as a reference intended to be stating that the President Yuksel , \"a job to do thematic supposed to be . Thematic also from A to Z supposed to be . Biruni in fact the only means . Turkey in a'll generate . Differences, our the most important preparatory class we are removing . preparatory class all the programs of the 950-hour course in first grade we're including . first class of three courses, two second class one of the third class have put . four-year colleges than students in four years will be graduating . first time Turkish program are putting . single our goal train scientists . , Turkey's best teachers with the latest technology , combining health issues before the university will be , \"he said .
in Turkey scientific studies contribute to the economy rate is low, the transfer of the President Yuksel planning to establish the genetic molecular laboratories with the bar yükseletcek were targeted at . President Yuksel following statement found in:\"Genetics of Turkey in the latest technologies, and implementing laboratories Biruni University is established. Hundreds disease diagnosis and management of next-generation DNA sequencing technology can easily be made . Thus all human genetic structure Biruni University in the laboratories can be analyzed . These areas our country's dependence on foreign significantly to the end going to be given . Currently in the last five years in Turkey , getting treatment . Turkey manpower in very good but some requirements are missing. medical school also in the future we will open . American universities contribute to the economy percent 40 , while in Turkey , this figure is too low. Consequently, differences will create . Turkey in America, the new generation sequencing our device will be . Consequently, Turkey's best genetics laboratory molecular laboratory from scratch. in this sense, all universities will serve . anymore external dependence at some point we will destroy . \"
Biruni University higher education quality objective , research the services provided by our country and the world reference will be accepted , members proud to be a will , innovative leaders and entrepreneurs with the vision of a university service begins . First year students , 25 percent of all private , in 50 percent or 100 percent scholarships will be provided. University of scholarships provided in the first entry will be gratuitous and training will continue for all . In addition, those students who are in the first millennium of the university scholarship quota of 25 percent to 50 percent scholarship or even education has become established-will be exempt from all tuition fees . Students who are placed in the top three preferences for an additional discount of 10 percent in the first year will be given the opportunity .
Opportunity to be graduating a year early
Biruni has also the possibility to graduate early . Performing a first in Turkey English preparatory class syllabus will be put into Class 1 . As well as a year so that students will have gained a serious time , as well as the best way to learn a foreign language will have . Compulsory foreign language preparatory courses combined with the first class imparting to students a year , a year early start to his career will be provided . All students also 2 years starting vocational English courses and will be supported.
Biruni University in many areas of transition between programs capability, as double major and minor applications will also offer . Providing suitable conditions at the end of first grade students can make the transition to the programs they want . Biruni University's remarkable innovations One of the Faculty of Education , double major and minor application possibilities , as well as specialization and interdisciplinary interaction will form the basis \"Elective Course Package\"applications with the leading and only faculty to be .
world's leading medical universities work integrally with the target off with Biruni University in this context universities abroad bilateral agreements with the Erasmus program and academic staff exchange program with a broad international cooperation offers will . < br/> Biruni WHO?
Biruni University name who lived in the 11th century, the great Turkish scholar Abu Raihan Al Biruni is from . His discoveries with the 11th century, giving the name and humanity's medieval accumulation West transferred to other eras in adding the most important chain ring , which Biruni , from Galileo 600 years ago the world turned to the assumption that was revealed, Newton 700 years ago gravity's existence has noticed . Medical and pharmaceutical sciences limit dissociates from each other allows for formation of a medicine, pharmacy, astronomy and physics is a genius . UNESCO Courier Journal 1974 published on the cover of the June issue of \"a thousand years ago and had lived in Central Asia Biruni hit the century mark on the century called the intelligence that led to a great scholar \"has the definition .

Growing in the 21st century will Biruni" comments for.


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