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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 13 Kasım 2014, Perşembe 17:54

German Football Man Eric Rutemöl were talking at Sakarya University

German Football Man Eric Rutemöl were talking at Sakarya University
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Sakarya University School of Physical Education and Sports organized by the'Infrastructure Strategies in Football'conference , the famous German coach Erich Rutemöl have participated as a speaker .

Sakarya news:
SAU Physical Education and Sports School student Speaking at the opening of the conference started with the arm-wrestling and dance performances SAU Physical Education and Sports School Reakrasyo ​​the Head of Department Dr. Nedim Cetin, \"should the advancement of sports in Turkey. Today in our country, especially in sports when we as an activity , have football has reached the degree of dependency . Maybe playing a small group of football but Turkey and interested many people in football in the world. Our main problem especially infrastructure ; right identification of , we tried to put a sports world where the norm of proper planning and the right target , \"he said .
Erich Rutemöller voicing be happy to welcome as the Sakarya University, Sakarya University Rector Dr. Muzaffer Diamond, \"Turkish football is going through a bad patch but will get rid of this situation. Maybe it would be a start to be where our guests . Football audience in Turkey was very impatient and success in very short time waiting, they are damaging to a two-week team to be the worst result . Now they need to overcome , \"he said . speaking at a Photo Conference German Technical man Erich Rutemöl on , \"if we look at the history of German football , we go to the European Cup in 2000 , was writhing on the floor German football . the United Kingdom, Portugal, we lost against Romania. Football's what it means for Germany you can imagine for this period. There should be a venture should be a change, but we did not know what to expect. we talked with the National Federation President. we have been in consultations about what we will do . Down we've started some work to get rid of this situation and we play the final at the 2012 European Championship . we have to win the 2014 World Cup. Today, we will tell you it works , \"he said . said
Germany in 2000s in many of the hands of talented players Rutemöl are \"like Klose, important skills like Mertesacker was playing football in Germany is no infrastructure staff. We did not assess the ability of such . We want to find every individual who has the ability across Germany. Our goal was to find talent between 11-15 years of age. We visited 366 points with 1,000 coaches to find these capabilities. We tried to find real talent here . This 1000 salaries were paid by the German government's coach. This capability has the largest enterprise in the research , \"he said . Rutemöl stating that he was not qualified for the French football in
1990 and 1994, \"It was like the end of the world for France. French schools have opened talent development to resolve this problem. Mandatory obligations were given to clubs in France during this period. This obligation was forced open skill development centers. France was the world champion in 1998, as the return of this breakthrough. I have to admit that the French have stole this idea we. Germany in the forty-five clubs in the premier league , skills development centers that have opened . To me this was the biggest step we take . Is our obligation to bring this club very right decision , as did France. This initiative has been around since 2002, \"he said. Rutemöl explaining his work to find a Photo Capabilities young people,\"said the main incentive ages 3-7 , ages 11-14 promoting talent is concerned, while the 15-18 age group now slowly emerged an elite segment and a period in which the promotion . I hope that they should be started to work at a very early age for football you will join me . This is something even the process to be started with certain games in kindergartens . Basic concepts of movement , play, learn , and to stabilize . Where the kindergarten is a big part of the responsibility and falls to the school , \"he said .
Germany is also the country clubs such as Turkey, but talented youth Rutemöl voicing it can not solve alone club in training . \"We need a school to train successful individuals in football. We built based Elite Football Sports schools , \"he said . Said that psychologists play an important role in the development of young talent
Rutemöl on , \"You do not know how much you are familiar with the sport psychology. We, the Germans, before we think about any sport psychology. But gradually it became a sport psychologist situation of increasing importance . We support the position of amateur football in the sports psychologist, and trying to keep them in office . These individuals are useful in solving the problems. Young football players, such as being under pressure in themselves solve the problems at the insertion or group pressure. Although we talk about where we came wandering back from group work in personal development . Truly a side football kids need to make progress in a very loving but also need to have the determination to succeed on the one hand . We're talking a lot of techniques and strategies , but maybe not the mere consideration enough psychological factors need to be considered out so , \"he said . Rutemöl explaining that they focus on a specific model for a Photo Training , \"a matter of concern to this significantly among us coaches . A training position in question focused on the game . For example, the ball bizdeyk what should be done, what should we do rakipteyk the ball . This basic training can never neglect . According to the personal needs or personal player must comply with fitness plan should provide psychological support. For performance diagnostics of the specific tests should be applied , \"he said .
Very intensively said with world football is followed closely in the Turkey Rutemöl are , \"Turkey has become the world's third in the 2002 World Cup, 2008 important in the European Championships signed to work. Several matches played bad it would be wrong to criticize the Turkish national team . Fatih Terim I trust it. Will make the necessary arrangements for the future of Turkish football , \"he said .
Sakaryaspor supporters group at the end of the program TATANGALAR , Rutemöller to Sakaryaspor scarf was a gift.


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