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  • 13 Kasım 2014, Perşembe 15:49

Eye of the Council of Ministers Beet Producers

Eye of the Council of Ministers Beet Producers
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With the start of the sugar beet beet purchase season in Kastamonu , turned his eyes to the decision of the Council of Ministers of the Council of beet , which will be the base digestion .

Kastamonu news: farmers coming to sell their products
Kastamonu Sugar Factory this year, said the district had frustrated the impairment of experienced sugar content in general , they asked for help from the authorities.
Taşköprü township Ağcıkiş Quarter beet producers Mehmet Özsoy sugar of this year's biggest problem stated that the decrease experienced by 40-50 percent. Until this year , emphasizing that there are no such an asking Özsoy , \"last came out in the year in the sugar content of 17 to 20 . I stayed in this year, the sugar content of 9-10 . We believe that this year is the cause of this decline was related to the seed. Beet the base price of the 16 sugar rate per kilogram in 15 cents, sugar ratio means that each percentage point fall in the price of 10 cents drop and prune show that 40-50 per cent of the loss of this year's beet producers. sugar beet under normal conditions already in win so much. we expect a helping hand from the authorities about it. otherwise although beet producers will also damage may not receive the reward of labor , \"he said .
Sugar Workers'Union Kastamonu Branch President Ali Çuhadaroğlu in Kastamonu and the country experienced beet throughout the expressing the low level of sugar content is related to the climatic conditions , the country was noted that there were also those asking 19 factories worldwide.
12 years ago, the same problem that occurred transfer Çuhadaroğlu, said the issue that message to political and they expect short time solution. Çufadaroğl \"This housing Who needs to be a decision on the board . At the beets in the bottom digestion of the 16 , that the Minister may withdraw Board to 10-12 this rate decision will be taken . We hope that this allows farmers to prevent the damage . However, the Council of Ministers for it'this decision should come from , \"he said .


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