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  • 13 Kasım 2014, Perşembe 14:23

Due to the good news with Farmers

Due to the good news with Farmers
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Turkey Electricity Distribution Co.

Tekirdağ news: (TEDAŞ) , giving us precursory to farmers with debt , announced it would forgive the interest on the debt of farmers with irrigation debt .
TEDAŞ, farmers with irrigation debt , cooperatives, irrigation associations, municipalities and public institutions by 6552 , Law No. Electricity Distribution retail and irrigation debts owed to the previous TEDAŞ without privatizing the company provides a great opportunity for the payment of public institutions and the debt of the municipalities.
November 30, 2014 until the date of the distribution or the debts of farmers who applied to retail companies only until December 31st 2014 states at once will be deleted interest if paid TEDAŞ, if the application is made until 30 November 2014 so that it can be paid till the end of time in a year can be made term up to 5 years and announced an annual 5 percent delay will apply .
the ASSET MUNICIPAL aND PUBLIC ORGANIZATIONS EASE In a statement from a Photo TEDAŞ , however, that the pre-privatization TEDAŞ owed ​​municipalities and facilities provided by law to pay for the debts of public enterprises were recorded. The statement was expressed can be paid with like with up to 36 months in 2-month payment period of 18 equal installments annual 5 percent delay application in case of payment in advance until December 31st 2014 may be paid to the debt-year average of 21 percent delay rather than an annual average of 7 percent delay applying . < br/> in a statement made, \"For example , we have a farmer with a thousand debt in 2005 would pay the debt had not the law as 4 thousand 230 TL . the amount of debt with debt enforcement and court costs would find 7-8 thousand TL. done editing November 30 in case of application of our farmers until 2014, and to pay in full until 31 December 2014 just finished his debt by paying thousand TL with the principal. our farmers , if you want to pay by installment debt to pay 1 per year up to 5 years 5 years later thousand 295 TL still will have finished paying off the debt , \"said.

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