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  • 10 Kasım 2014, Pazartesi 17:39

Democratic Economy Conference Ends

Democratic Economy Conference Ends
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Democratic Economic Conference held in Van , energy, water , trade, industry , agriculture, construction , transportation, democratic autonomy , the village communes , cooperatives, local government, health , education, transport , received a new and important decisions on issues such as women .

Diyarbakır news: Photo of the Democratic Society Congress (DTK ), organized by the Diyarbakır , Van and Mardin metropolitan economy in the region with municipal institutions and agencies, supported by the Democratic Economy Conference ended . \"Our land , our water , I Komünleştirel our energy , Democratic Free Life Build Let's slogan of\"Van NUD to the final declaration of the conference held at the Cultural Center of Diyarbakir Metropolitan Municipality co-chairman Firat Anli and Nusaybin Municipality was read by former President Bu Gökkan . Anli , the conference took a deep crisis of global capitalism is being said that combine global ecological crisis . Middle East's water and energy resources of a regional re-designed attack continued his speech by determining that under Anli , it's everything that commercialization of political power in Turkey as part of , commodify it and suggested that try to manage the company model.
For all assets at basic survival needs and deserves the commercialization of water and vehicle condition Anli voicing should be brought to the \"regions of local raw materials and resources that are subject to işlenmeksiz export or value added by processing at a low figure and still be changed structure that sold at high prices in the region. councils, communes and local governments region of operation will damage the ecological structure , environment, people and the elimination gradually as a whole plunder and risk on nature has been revealed that there is an urgent need . the recycling of used energy source and have emphasized the need to be the kind that does not harm the environment , \"he said .
where agriculture released a result of unemployment , millions of people were displaced , said the villages vacated and that economic life is being destroyed records Anli said:Photo \"Local has lost its mode of production and types. Therefore, protecting the environment and society esteem based on diversity of local products , ecological-economic developing the agricultural model and ground-to organize agriculture-village return of communal agriculture movement, the village communes , must be established by cooperatives . Livestock, not as an additional source of income , should be seen as a major economic activity. Industrial production , society's exploitation of the lead and the looting of nature , ecological, economic, social , and should be addressed in the framework of self-efficacy , technology to be used must be ecologically and economically . \"
Local governments , financial strengthening the central government so far and is under an administrative tutelage that Anli said , \"the Democratic municipality communal economy , not as a local extension of the nation-state, as a component of the management takes place through democratic autonomous local councils . Within the framework of social benefit principle the society's resources to use for local development , uncover the woman-centered city , country re-establish the city's economy in a balanced and with an egalitarian approach, participants and create a gender-sensitive budget should be a top priority of the Kurdistan municipality , \"he said .
at the conference , energy, water, trade , industry, agriculture, construction , transportation, democratic autonomy , the village communes , cooperatives, local government, health , education, transport and female liberal democratic economy headed decisions were read. at the end
Declaration , the conference , \"Fate Ortakka to party all Kopani martyr to Isparta in experienced work-related accidents to seasonal women workers who lost their lives , in Soma , in Ermenek , Istanbul, Zonguldak , who lost his life in the business murder in Sirnak \"it was emphasized that dedicated . the reading of a concluding statement after the title was read into the decisions taken at the conference. then delegates posed for a souvenir photo in bulk.

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