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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 13 Kasım 2014, Perşembe 17:39

Cooperation Continues with Statistical Area in Mongolia

Cooperation Continues with Statistical Area in Mongolia
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Turkish International Cooperation and Development Agency of Turkey Statistical Institute in Ankara during Cooperation Project in Mongolia in cooperation with Statistical Area Web Applications Development training program was held .

Ankara news: Photo Annual Show in countries where public within the scope of technical cooperation , institutions and organizations in the development of institutional capacity and ongoing activities related to the organization of an intensive training program TICA continues in similar activities in Mongolia . This coverage was achieved in participation TICA and Turkey Statistically Authority Statistical Area with Mongolia in collaboration Collaboration Project, in Ankara Developing Web Applications on training program düzenlendi.bahs subject training program Mongolian National Statistical Office of the Data Processing Office 3 software specialists. In addition to these training programs , providing new techniques of information on TSI web application, and aimed to benefit from Turkey's knowledge and experience. Covered
Such training project Mongolian experts , TSI's organizational structure, the Information Technology Department of the projects and activities, information collection was transferred information about this system by processing and distribution activities . Also Harzeml Software Development and examined over MEDAS system for the collection of statistical information that is being implemented in Mongolia and was made to share experiences about the distribution . Photo TSI Information Technology Department equalization of Web software intensity of the Presidency of dissemination and knowledge pools were given detailed information about the clustering method . Ensuring the security of web software during large-scale census and research and materials needed to do so and provided consultancy services on technical aspects and privacy issues of the equipment . Photo Mongolian National Statistical Office of the experts, in general tika Thanks for passing web applications knowledge gained in Mongolia each year in progress , the number of animals reported to apply .

Cooperation Continues with Statistical Area in Mongolia" comments for.


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