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  • 12 Kasım 2014, Çarşamba 19:13

Control the Gas Station

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Science, Industry and Technology during inspections by the Provincial Directorate for gas stations was announced rastlanılmadığı a significant deficiency.

Malatya news: Photo Industrial Science and Technology Provincial Director Akif Gulac , \"Science, Industry and Technology Ministry of Metrology and Standardization General Directorate of Coordination in Malatya operating across fuel and LPG Autogas station in Elazığ, Diyarbakır, Gaziantep , Istanbul , Mardin, Şanlıurfa, Batman, Adana and Osmaniye Science, Industry and Technology Provincial Directorates of 24 staff, General Directorate our 4 staff Malatya Provincial Gendarmerie Command from 2 staff, including staff 2 from Malatya Police Department in 6 teams consisting of a total of 32 staff and 12 audit tool is made ​​of cross-checks , \"he said .
was Gulac , \"all 130 licensed LPG auto gas stations with 141 licensed gas stations in the audit results were audited . of supervised stations and 9 fuel stations 14 LPG has been found to be operating the station. License Control:active with 132 fuel and 116 LPG all of the license check is done by detecting licensed auto gas station , 248 degree control of the document is made . 132 petrol stations which are active in determining whether the leakage of liquid fuel supplied to the sales order , gasoline and diesel products are all made ​​in the national marker controls the 324 marker measurements came true . In station operating in Malatya 1925 Total fuel meter and 273 LPG meter is the controls of the total 2198 units meter stamp time made ​​, including 22 fuel meter with 1 these counters is full of stamps while the LPG meter is sealed. Stamp expired measuring instruments, to stamp intervention or unsealed fuel meters 1. 521 TL. penalty will be applied if the checks amount made ​​in the counter , 1207 Total fuel meter and 262 LPG meter total 1469 units counters were audited , including . Made in the amount of checks , it was determined that all counters give the right product. Missing a counter for each product that £ 151 . penalty is applied \"gave shape information .

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