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  • 30 Ekim 2014, Perşembe 14:42

China's Hainan Province Muğla with Kardeşşeh Want To Be

China's Hainan Province Muğla with Kardeşşeh Want To Be
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From China's Hainan island province of Hainan Province Committee of 6 people visited the Governor Amir flowers.

Muğla news: From China's Hainan island province of Hainan Province Committee of 6 people visited the Governor Amir flowers. Hainan delegation had come to make two calls to the kardeşşeh and Hainan Province Muğla Muğla with similarities due to the shores of the sea move was announced . Photo Muğla Governor delegation visiting Amir Flower, Hainan Committee Chairman Yu Xin, Hainan Committee Deputy Secretary-General Wang Zhao's , Hainan Committee for External Relations Officer General Manager Wang Sheng, Hainan Committee Deputy Secretary-General , the President of Sanya Committee Zhao Puxu that , translator took Zhang Dongdong place . the governor spoke at a Photo Views Flower:\"China commercial relationship as well as friendship relations between Turkey has also , and this friendship will continue to grow our business relations. Mugla sea, sun, just in terms of sand not only in Turkey in the world is also an important place. wooded Our field and farmland more . pine tree honey in this region is so produced. Our agricultural products are very diverse. 85% of the world's honey production in our province produced . also here aquaculture is also very common. trout production in our plant are made. also a very important place in our city, in marble . Muğla Muğla called our own white marble is exported to 36 countries. we have 2 airport. Annual 3.5 million tourists visiting our city . Muğla blue voyage yacht harbor and important. Walking our paths associated with historic sites . We are introduced in our province by sea . We want you to see these beautiful places. I know that your goal is to establish sister city relations. I thank your committee . \"Kardeşşeh for our benefit , we also got to visit you ,\"he said . Photo Hainan Committee Chairman Yu Xin gave information about the state Governor Flower . X , \"Turkey and are happy to come to Las Vegas. This is our country you first arrive. We heard a lot about up to this day, but I've never seen with my own eyes . We saw cities Istanbul and Bodrum left impact us very well. The historical ties between the two countries is very relies old . especially as culture under the chairmanship of the leaders of the two countries in recent years , progress has been made in economic terms as well . I saw a lot of Chinese tourists during this visit, \"he said. Photo Hainan Committee, the Chief Officer Wang Sheng External Relations , \"China's most it is an island at the southern end . it has Hainan population of 9 million with 35 thousand one hundred measurements. we have a large population based on your province . it has a beautiful natural resources. 60% of the forest , very beautiful and high quality beach and forefront in this regard in the world . our State noted recently in very large developments, especially in tourism . Local and foreign 38 million tourists coming . All candidates surrounding the highway , railway and there are 2 airports . 27 million airport journey . state of the enhanced status in our industry . In particular, petrochemical, automotive , pharmaceuticals, agriculture. Because of China's northern province of vegetable production depends on our very cold winter . Our main objective in developing the friendship between the two . There are also huge differences between the two cities until similarities . A moment before we can establish a bond of friendship can develop joint cooperation. The expectation of our country to work on issues between the two sides would be useful . I hope we will do useful work both by fishing on tourism . The only difference in population between Muğla with Hania , \"he said . Photo Visit commemorate Governor Amir flowers while Muğla introductory booklet to the Chinese delegation , the Chinese delegation , Hainan gave China by post friendship message by famous line master of the province. Photo

China's Hainan Province Muğla with Kardeşşeh Want To Be" comments for.


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