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  • 10 Kasım 2014, Pazartesi 10:42

Catalonia, Spain Want to leave

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Made in the Autonomous Community of Catalonia to leave Spain, \"Independence Referendum in \"rate of 80.72 percent , according to unofficial results \"Yes \"vote out.

Barselona news: Photo Spanish Constitutional Court would not be valid despite the announcement of election results last week by going to the polls in elections 40 percent of the people voting for Catalonia . In the following description of the results of Catalonia leader Artur Mas, non-binding referendum \"great success ,\"he said, \"We won the right way referendum. Catalonia has shown once again to everyone that even their own rules should be aware of itself ,\"he said . Catalans political process who expressed the need to decide for themselves Mas, \"I asked everyone in the world . I asked the media and wanted them to help them decide the political future of those around the world Catalans of democratic government ,\"he said .
Meanwhile yesterday, the vote in the Catalan voters \"that Catalonia's government Do you want to ? \"and \"Do you want Catalonia to be an independent country?\"questions were asked . Commenting on the subject, Vice President of the Autonomous Community of Catalonia Joana Ortega, more than 2 million people in the 80.72'lik percent of the votes in the elections , he said yes to both questions the answer. Ortega, the first question a portion of 10 percent yes , I loved that the second question no. In a statement after
result is Spanish Justice Minister Rafael Catala, made ​​expressed that the vote a political propaganda , \"The application of any democratic validity is lacking , \"he said . Photo Catalonia Autonomous Region after announcing that they would make a regional election in order to attain independence Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy , not be regarded as illegal the election on the grounds that it is contrary to the voting law was applied to the Constitutional Court for an order . The Constitutional Court of Spain , Catalonia Administration is planning to do on November 9, stating that it was against the law not to accept the results of the regional elections .

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