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  • 26 Eylül 2014, Cuma 15:47

Cancer 10 Billion Dollars

Cancer 10 Billion Dollars
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Colposcopy Association Vice President Assoc.

Bursa news: Dr. Nejat Specific , Turkey's measures does not get cancer in 2020, spend $ 10 billion , he said.
Bursa City Council ( BKK) Health Working Group by the Uludag University, held in partnership with the panel of experts cancer in women told . ( Merino AKKM Presidential Hall , the'Women's Cancers'panel on colposcopy Association President Prof. Dr. Kunt's Supreme , Dr. Nejat Specific , BKK Health Working Group Representative Opt. Dr. Can Achieve and Uludag University Medical Faculty , Prof. Dr. . Hakan Ozan participated as a speaker .
Colposcopy Association President Prof. Dr. Kunt's Supreme , breast, uterine, ovarian and cervical cancer in women, the most common cancers , he said . cancer of the yet to emerge or at an early stage recovery is possible underlines the Almighty , \"In our country free the HPV test and cervical cancer development than can be prevented and mammography for breast cancer very early stage arrest can be treated. especially in recent years all over the world increasingly cervical cancer at an early stage to be diagnosed due to be prevented . recent years, early diagnosis appeared to HPV detection tests that it is much easier . the world's first cervical cancer screening and HPV tests have been initiated and have been implemented in our country, \"he said.
Dr. Specific Nejat , however, excessive and uncontrolled proliferation of cancer cells, the damaged caused by a disease , he said . Stay with excessive proliferation of cancer that spread to other organs and tissues underlines that feature specific , heart disease is the most common cause of death 2 stressed. Specific , \"Turkey in 2006 for cancer treatment $ 2.5 billion spent. The same speed increases and take action , if not in 2020, this number 4 times increased by 10 billion dollars ,\"he said .
Breast cancer, recent advances in providing information about the Opt. Dr. Can Basaran , the man first aid he could do a self-checks as a result of the need to consult a doctor immediately , he said . Everyone's cancer experience and cancer in every organ be telling Basaran, \"It is important our immune system strong and healthy is . Immunity our system every day, every second cancer cells with the fighting . Causes of environmental factors, stress, eating disorders there . These can be changed. Replace unable the offspring is \"he said.
Uludag University Medical Faculty , Prof. Dr. Hakan Ozan , uterine and ovarian cancers, and gave information about .
Question and answer session following the speeches began. At the end of the program Bursa City Council Vice President M. Necati Şahin plaque was presented by the speakers .


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