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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 22 Ekim 2014, Çarşamba 15:40

Bulent Ersoy Statement relating to the Status of Physicians

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Bulent Ersoy famous artists hospitalized , treated for stones in the right kidney , Oct. 25 in a very comfortable way to the concert can be specified.

İstanbul news:
private Atakoy Hospital Chief Specialist Internal Medicine Specialist . Dr. Ismail cool, treatment was started on 9 October 2014 Bulent Ersoy has made a written statement on the situation . The statement, \"Our patient as known in 1989 in Adana to have had a hand due to an accident one kidney nephrectomy ( kidney taken ) and right kidney life sustaining is . Present in the kidney newly formed 2 calculi ( stones ) due by us are being followed. Busy day at work brought about by dehydration ( fluid loss ) oral fluid intake due to lack of intravenous hydration (serum giving ) + renoprotective agents ( kidney-sparing ) existing renal preserving the functions and calculus (rocks ) naturally leap to ensure that our control is under . upon a necessity, our patient's kidney stone treatment everyday life, his concert to influence and to specify whether the media as stated on October 11 in the concert after our hospital has not arrived , our hospital concert , go to said I would . Mr. . Ersoy's treatment while 25 October 2014 on the concert very comfortable there would be inappropriate \"I said.

Bulent Ersoy Statement relating to the Status of Physicians" comments for.


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