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  • 14 Mayıs 2014, Çarşamba 10:00

Black Sea breezy Exhibition Sees Great Interest

Black Sea breezy Exhibition Sees Great Interest
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Artists Hakan Esmer , Sanko Art Gallery to the'Land ho'consisting of a series of personal exhibitions is greatly appreciated .

Gaziantep news: Artists Hakan Esmer , Sanko Art Gallery to the'Land ho'consisting of a series of personal art exhibition is greatly appreciated .
Brown acrylic paint his and Black Sea breeze on the canvas committed 18 works which include exhibitions , art lovers hospitality continues to .
his every journey itself artistic direction nourish stated that the artist Hakan Esmer , Gaziantep, the texture, the color, the air and the relationship the next painting adventure in a positive direction would have an impact , he said.
Sanko Art Gallery opens the exhibition'Heyamola'cool saying it is dark, the sea and the fishing for the Black Sea very important place was the emphasis .
Brown , this exhibition also preliminary study his''Paris cafes''from the series of artifacts noted that .
Gaziantep ta open an exhibition of his happiness voicing painter Brunette, Sanko family of art and artists for his support and congratulated .
Esmer , Sanko Park Mall 3rd floor, located in the Sanko Art Gallery in the exhibition , 16 May can be visited between the hours of 10:00 to 22:00 every day .
in 1994, Karadeniz Technical University, Department of Education, Painting artist who graduated from Brown , the same year the high Anadolu University Institute of Social Sciences degree program has been completed.
since 1996 Anadolu University Faculty of Fine Arts , Department of Painting as a lecturer employees Hakan Esmer , in the same section , respectively, basic art education , mural art , stained glass and painting lessons conducted .
38 solo exhibitions artists , including Pharmacists Association Competition, Monopoly Competition, Shafiq Art Competition , Antalya Arts Festival, Talens Painting Competition, Tunisia/Monastir International Plastic Arts Festival''Grand Prix''nudes that included a total of 15 awards are available.
Brunette painter's Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the works carried out within the scope of the project ; Berlin (Germany) , Abuja ( Nigeria), and Nakhichevan Autonomous Region TC Embassies have been included in the collection .
In January of 2012 when Brown resigned from the university , work still continues in his workshop in Eskisehir .
of art in 2004 in Gaziantep offered the use and exhibition to open at home and abroad from the acclaimed Sanko Art Gallery, the city of culture and arts events significant gains provided.
Established since , including two times international artists to meet , Salvador Dali and joanmiro exhibitions , including the 176 Sanko Art Gallery hosts the exhibition , four years ago, the Sanko Park Mall's move has given a different meaning .

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