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  • 10 Kasım 2014, Pazartesi 17:33

Ataturk was Mhp Distribute Posters in Ceyhan

Ataturk was Mhp Distribute Posters in Ceyhan
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Nationalist Movement Party (MHP), Ceyhan District Organization , together with the Women's Wing and Nationalist Hearths , the death of 76 year 5 thousand distribute posters of Ataturk .

Adana news: Photo frame on November 10, Atatürk commemoration event , the MHP District Chairman Av. Semih Aksoy, district administrators, Women's Wing President Selin Çulluoğl Steel, Women's Branch members were selected Suhayl President Nationalist Hearths , along with Councillors and party members , they distribute posters of Ataturk Visiting trades .
Republic of Turkey's founder Atatürk and'ü note that they can and forget , or not expressing the MHP District Chairman Al, \"today over the death of his body last 76 years , but ideas never dies and we distributed the great leader visited our Mustafa Kemal behalf not to forget Ataturk Ceyhan tradesmen Atatürk Posters that will not die. great Leader Atatürk we will continue anytime to do whatever we can to not to forget , \"he said . Photo Ceyhan Select Suhayl President Nationalist Hearths the signing of such an event with the MHP District Chairman , the founder of the Republic of Turkey in the year 76 of the death of Atatürk, the body of the earth , though his ideas will live forever and be remembered , he said they are working to ensure not to forget . Photo made ​​by hanging the posters of Ataturk distributed Handicraft businesses have expressed their satisfaction with the event.

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